[3.13] Ignite Explosive Arrow Deadeye

Have been trying to make one ever since it was guttet in Delirium, anyone improvement ideas on a realistic budget? https://pastebin.com/Da4rLgHm (Helmet is there to simulate resistances spread out over rares)
Last bumped on Jan 15, 2021, 1:23:07 PM
I think this build in particular has significantly too much branching in it. If you were to go deadeye, there are many good nodes for you to get right in the ranger part of the tree. I'm trying out elementalist explosive arrow, this is what I have come up with so far (WiP as well). Not sure about many aspects of it, but I thought Id show you what I had come up with.


I tried to confine myself to the Deadeye region but the sheer amount of DPS that EO provides in combination with the other nodes in the vacinity made me go to the Witch region of the tree. From the looks of it the DPS of our builds are rather similar but the Attackspeed to Arrows per Shot Ratio doesnt seem to allow you to stack 20 Arrows on the enemy currently. I thought about doing an Elementalist too but wouldnt the exposure route be more effective then golem scaling? the reason i went with Deadeye was that i wanted to try the new Ring that was teased.
I'm not quite sure where you are seeing our dps as similar, as I'm pretty sure mine is decently higher in both the barrage and my GMP setups. I think you could get a lot better mileage out of the ranger part of the tree, or by taking advantage of cluster jewels. Additionally, I'm able to get ~70% physical damage reduction by going elementalist, more life since I'm not pathing so much, and the new aegis for like a 2k overshield, which will be helpful. I'm not quite sure if I will reach 20 arrows stacked with this current setup, but with some investment I'm pretty sure I can reach it. Barrage + additional arrows on bow + the potion alone should get me there with my attack speed, I believe.

I simply mean to say that I agree there are powerful nodes in the witch area, but I think it is just far too expensive to be branching that far for such a little payoff. 20% damage for that many nodes doesn't seem to be functioning well.
Your DPS is higher because my PoB has the option of Sirus DPS on aswell as less pieces of equipment used and most of the life diffrence is also because of that item diffrence, i will however try to use a bit more around the Deadeye to seeif it makes it a bit more skillpoint efficient
Looks good. I think I'll try

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