[3.13] Good league starter? INQUISITOR STR and INT stacking 100% crit chance cold conversion.

First of all, my english is not perfect :c .

This idea was born since I saw the new Inquisitor Rework, basically this gives you 1% crit chance per Str or Int whichever is lowest.

I made this build with a lot of Uniques, some of them are cheap and some of them a little bit expensive, on this build you will stack str and int as much as possible, for reach a minimum of 800 str and int, this allow you to make a Hybrid build (life and ES) up to 7k Ehp pool, in addition you can go with the variant of having a shield and full block taking the node of Glancing Blows or just go for the damage version taking 2 wands.

Also this buil can be improved a lot with the incorporation of Harvest, replacing all the uniques with some good crafted rares.

This build can use the Battle Mage Node, but I made some test and even with a Imbued Wand with Double T1 phys it have lower dps compared with a Wand with only Elemental Modifiers.

Of course this build can be use Some cluster Jewel, for being more specific we are using the Larges Cluster with the cold modifier, this allow us to craft ones with the modifier COLD TO CORE, ironically this gives us a lot of COLD DAMAGE per 25 streng, int and dex, this gives u a lot of cold damage since we are stacking those attributes.

As mencionated you can do a lot of variants of this build, sacrificing some damage nodes to invest on block or life nodes.

Which I have detailed in the notes of the pastebin I made with another curious interactions, please check them with PoB: Community

https://pastebin.com/tgGDLfTu (this is a almost min maxed version but it still viable bc we have harvest and all the mods are not the same so they have differents taggs)

I will play this as my league starter, and if all go well i will made another Thread with more specific details :D.

I'm open to opinions to this theory build and how to improve this.


Hi Again, after spending like 40 - 55 chaos on this build(see the items in the pastebin) I can say it is good to be a starter, but it depends if u like the Arc Playstyle.

I made some changes, making the build full block(really viable for the new maven mechanics), I'm currently level 78 with 5.7k eHP permafreezing everything and tanking the ritual (maps tier 5-10)

This is my current Pastebin:


Will keep upgrading this build.

/////////Last Update(probably)//////////

Since I started to study to join to a university and bla bla bla, I have so much less time to play poe, I made some uptdates to the build, I'm Still in T6-10 but I dare to say this build can perfectly works at t15+ and it's a good starter, this is probably my last pastebin:


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Whats your plan on Mana usage? Even with spell echo 59 mana with almost 6 casts/sec sounds insane when you only have ~80 regen / s.
Enduring Mana Flask, for that reason The last slot of flask is empty, u can choose whatever u want, Lavianga, Enduring Mana Flask, etc.
Just need to remember that this is a boss heavy league. If you run out of that flask you re pretty much dead :D.
Precision level 1, watcher with flask when crit with precision , 100% crit = 100% charges owo
I don't understand or I did not see well, but how do you get "Tailwind", how do you have "frenzy charges" and how do you "ignite" when you do no fire damage? But I think its very strong build nice idea thank you!
For that reason i put 7Million damage instead of the 8.3Million , u can get easily ignite adding any source of fire damage to spells that can be easily crafted with harvest, thanks for ur opinion.
Any updates on this? Looks interesting but would be nice to know how you're managing red maps etc.
By the way: Wouldn't Glorious Vanity + Corrupted Soul be a huge upgrade?

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