3.13 PvP balance

This is some kind of imitation of work.

Scorching Ray now has an attack time override of 0.5 seconds (from 0.2 seconds).
Flame Wall now has an attack time override of 0.5 seconds (from 0.2 seconds).


Wintertide Brand T = 0.2 still.

Has anyone tested it? Did anyone at least make calculation?
"Hm, 2M DoT skill deals 100 pvp degen/sec, but if we change the constant this way it will do 200 damage/second, yea, this is exactly how it should be!".

This "damage slider twitching" game doesn't look meaningful.
High invested skill should not be completely counterable by lvl 20 Vitality alone.
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I don't know if your math is wrong or something is bugged, but a wintertide brander absolutely demolished the entire pvping population in Heist league, including a dreamfeather aurastacker.

Also, branders can still get obnoxiously huge aoe from seeker brands and stacking brand loyalty. So large that even after the seeker brand nerf, it still can control huge areas of Sarn invisibly with no effort. I feel like all brands make nearly every build outside of builds like Indigon mana drinkers suffer.
hi im looking for pvp accievyment. you guys play this? I use xirgl scorching ray build for fight

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