[3.13] Theorycrafting Accuracy Stacking Jugg

When I saw the new boots I have remembered this old build with stacking tons and tons of accuracy.
They said Lightning Strike is buffed and there is a new Storm rider boots which gives flat 1 - 5 lightning damage per 200 accuracy.
So I ended up with about 27000 accuracy before equipping the boots and I am looking for help how can I scale this even more.

Any thoughts:

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Thanks for your pastebin - given the most recent patch notes, Im also interested in revisiting accuracy jugg! I will take a look at the build tonight and see if i can suggest any improvements, it seems that stacking some strength may be viable given the new change announced.
I was thinking in the same direction and have a thread about it. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3007938/page/1#p23745323

I got up to 45k acc rating without equipping the boots so that should be 33.75k after equipping them. And before patch notes, jug gets a slight nerf though, only +500 acc instead of +1000 but +1 att speed for every 150acc instead of for every 200.
So might go Scion that still gets +1000 and get elementalist for the exposure and ele reflect immune.

So I don't get why you get all the cold dmg nodes as it is lightning per 200 acc?

Edit: Up to 49000 acc https://pastebin.com/CFgPU97W With maxed out gear you get 54300 acc
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i check it and its 78k dps
i put the mod from the boots in mana flask

if you want to check it its the same pastebin you use
swtirious wrote:
i check it and its 78k dps
i put the mod from the boots in mana flask

if you want to check it its the same pastebin you use

not sure if you forgot

"grants Accuracy Rating equal to twice your Strength (from Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength)"

and i wonder how far a pure str stacking build would come with this

another option would trying howa with shapers touch (+4 Accuracy Rating per 2 Intelligence)
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Well, Lightning Strike received a buff it looks like. =)

Lightning Strike
No longer causes projectiles to deal 25% less damage.
No longer causes damage over time from projectiles to deal 25% less damage.
I've been theorycrafting Accuracy Jugg for a very long time - long before these boots came about.

Some thoughts:

Obscurantis (helm) gives +1% Increased Projectile Damage per 200 Accuracy and +800-1000 base Accuracy Rating. To benefit from this you have to make a projectile your main damage - which would go super well with the buffed Lightning Strike, but could work with other skills as well.

Divergent Additional Accuracy gives 4% Increased Attack Damage per 1000 Accuracy.

Oskarm (gloves) gives +30-40% Increased Accuracy and +2% Increased Critical Strike Chance per 200 Accuracy.

I had been theorycrafting a build that dual wields Ahn's Might, with a Pacifism jewel, for a net 100% Critical Multiplier and +900 Accuracy, but...

If you can fit in a Coward's Legacy and a way to mitigate the debuff (like a Watcher's Eye with Unaffected by Vulnerability while affected by Determination) - or actually go Low-Life - you could instead dual wield Replica Last Breath for +200% Accuracy and +400% Increased Attack Damage with Claws.

Anyway, those are my thoughts as a multi-League Accuracy Stacking theorycrafter. XD

Total bonuses per 1000 Accuracy Rating (a bit off thanks to Jugg's 1% Increased Attack Speed per 150 Accuracy).

Add 5 - 25 Added Lightning Damage (Stormrider Boots)
6.7% Increased Attack Speed (Juggernaut)
5% Increased Projectile Attack Damage (Obscurantis)
4% Increased Attack Damage (Divergent Additional Accuracy)
10% Increased Critical Strike Chance (Oskarm)
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Oh wow I didn't know about the Divergent Additional Accuracy, that's way better than I realized then. I do really want to play this build for fun as I mentioned in the other thread about this, but with all the uniques it needs to really get going I think I won't use it as a starter. As an aside, you can craft up the quality on your weapons and get the Harvest enchant for the accuracy alternate quality, +1% per 2% quality is way better than a piddly amount of % increased physical damage for the build.
i was theorizing some jugg that uses Replica Trypanon, but even with him it is hard to cap the hit chance lol
Elder bows can roll "1% increased Projectile Attack Damage per 200 Accuracy Rating", along with large amounts of local accuracy. And check Marylene's Fallacy, which can potentially give more dps than Hyrri's Truth.

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