[3.13]Return of the Ele Buzzsaw?

Ele short for electric this time ;)

I've played PoE for 8 years now and I've always liked making my own builds though usually this means get to the real end game content like Shaper, Elder, Sirus, ... as my builds are always lacking in one aspect or another.
So I'd like your thoughts on a new build made around the new Stormrider boots and focusing on accuracy. Similar as the archmage support abuse ;)

Currently I get up to 42500 (31800 after equiping the boots) accuracy rating which result in roughly 150-900 added lighting dmg, 6 ApS and 64 crit chance.
Unique's include:
1. Ahn's Might (2x): +40% global accuracy, +450 acc while at max frenzy's and crit multi while at no frenzy's
2. Pacifism: to get to zero frenzy's
3. Obscurantis: +800-1000 acc and +1% proj att dmg per 200 acc
4. Oskarm: +30-40% global accuracy and +1 crit chance per 200 acc
5. The Nomad: good resses and some extra projectile att dmg
6. Thief's Torment: well basically to keep mana up since the rework of the curses and marks.

Ascendancy: Jugg for the increased att speed per 200 acc.
Alternatively maybe Scion with jugg + Deadeye depending on the reworks

Dual wielding Dreamfeathers might also work as they give some decent flat accuracy and 1% att dmg per 450 EV of which I get close to 30k.

So now for the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Aj5ceS43

Hope you get what I'm aiming for and got some good insights for me
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Believe it or not I was thinking for the same build but using Lightning Strike. Ahn's Might is good early on, but later you will need some descent weapon with maximum possible flat accuracy rating.

Also I am thinking of utilizing Call of The Brotherhood with Hatred. Combining this with Physical to Lightning on LS will be extremely juicy because of % extra elemental from physical. Unfortunately we have to wait for final numbers, because they mentioned LS is touched a bit I expect in a good way.

There could also be way of building around dexterity stacking and bow using the Scion class, so I can't wait for final notes.
From playing around in PoB it seems like Replica Last Resort + Coward's Legacy (or any other way of being LL/counting as LL) will be the endgame weapons, 50% increased attack speed/100% increasd accuracy/200% increased damage each is absolutely enormous (the +200% increased accuracy is usually a waste for most other builds). As a Jugg you can probably endure the Vulnerability until you get a Watcher's Eye that makes you unaffected by it while you have Determination up and then pick up Iron Reflexes while you're at it.

You should definitely use Hinekora's Sight for your amulet, with a catalyst that's 1200 flat accuracy, just slot Precision in like normal instead. Consider more jewel slots too, regular ones can have up to 24% increased accuracy, or 240 flat accuracy on abyssals with the option of the suffix for 30% increased accuracy if you haven't killed recently (maybe good for bossing with the Maven stuff?) on top of life etc. Oh, and War Banner is an easy 20% increased accuracy for only 10% mana reserved.

I was also looking at Lightning Strike as a main skill, as Vaal Lightning Strike is much stronger for the build than Vaal Spectral Throw since the orb's attacks are based on your own, it's basically like a ranged lightning version of Vaal Double Strike. I also prefer its clearspeed capability compared to Spectral Throw, many projectiles with no pierce works better with huge attack speed than few projectiles with pierce.
I was also looking at building around Trypanon + Marylene's Fallacy though I haven't really looked at numbers.
100% crit with some good multi is always nice plus you get culling strike and maybe go scion with jug and assassin to be reflect free.

Well, Jug has been nerfed, only +500 acc instead of +1000.
Scion still gets +1000 though
well i made this. i suck at making builds and the damage is shit but atleast you not gonna die xD.

30k accuracy

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