[3.13]❄️44M DPS Ice Shot Barrage Deadeye|League starter|Full Content with Vids|Several variants

Added a jewels section to the guide.

Minor Update:
Re-generated the pastebin code since I received feedback that some people had problems importing the old paste bin in the latest community Fork PoB. Hope this fixes things.


Updated the build and trees for 3.13.
Also integrated an optimization suggested by Stealthyy which should allow the use of Inspiration Support to replace Hypothermia and allow for Essence Sap together with Weapon Artistry to be replaced in the tree in order to get Farsight.

Quick overview of patch impact:
- overall DPS boosted by 1M after patch
- I don't recommend the use of "Occupying Force" due to not being able to drop all 3 archers fast enough to benefit from the DPS enough (long post on the thread explains the rationale).
- The build becomes LESS expensive due to Harvest crafting and due to Map ascendancy allowing for cheaper Craicic Chimerals. I'm guessing the top builds will be at least 30% cheaper if not 50% for the top one
- The build allows for a tanky version, which together with Wind Ward might make the Deadeye quite resilient ... I would go even further and add Vaal Pact and constitution anointment and the deadeye might end up face taking. I face tanked Aul 250 at level 96 with Vaal Pact and without Wind Ward.

Item choices:
- Level 40 - 4 Links for leveling reference
- Level 70 - 5L for when you reach yellow tier maps
- Level 94 - 6L 20 exalts
- cheapest viable build for all content except maybe Sirus A8 and Uber Elder
- this variant only uses 1 medium cluster jewel
- Level 94 - 6L 40 ex
- same as 94, but with full cluster jewels setup
- full content achievable at this stage with sufficient practice
- Level 100 - Premium tier 170 ex
- 34M DPS
- speed clear and farm all content
- contains intermediate crafted bow
- Level 100 - Top Tier 4 400 ex
- 44M DPS
- significant min-max done on the build

Tree choices:
- Level 40
- Level 70
- Level 94 - minimal clusters (only contains 1 medium cluster jewel)
- Level 94 - Full clusters (contain all the cluster jewels)
- Level 100 36M Tanky tree - full tree, built for extra tankiness (can also change amulet enchant for 5.8k life)
- Level 100 44M - full tree, built for best DPS output without going full glass cannon.

Pob also contains gem setup for leveling, 5L and 6L pre Farrul and post Farrul.

All DPS is according to what PoB is showing.


All Videos are taken at 36 Mil DPS. It's big enough to underline how fast end game bosses melt.

Conquerors A8:
Drox: https://youtu.be/OCh3qNgJeWQ
Veritania: https://youtu.be/t26nS3hiCtM
Baran: https://youtu.be/FktFJyUBMsc
Al-Hezmin: https://youtu.be/k-tvvwIwYQo

End Game Bosses:

- this fight is so freakishly easy with high dps


Sirus A8:
- only the final phase.
- Scrappy fight, not going to post a flawless run, to showcase how significant DPS allows noobs like me to do end game content.

Uber Elder:
- again, not a flawless fight




Delirium 60% T16 Map:

Pt1: https://youtu.be/nXTVS9JOtkk
Pt2: https://youtu.be/UcRxov9Hj7c
- Pt1 is to showcase the playstyle on hard-to-do maps. Died 3 times, decided to stop the recording in order to be able to finish the map
- couldn't do 100% delirium due to recording software making my game move slower than usual, and due to the playstyle it makes the map unapproachable
- Pt2 is to showcase that 60% delirium maps are doable (and 100% for that matter, but I cannot bring any video proof of that)

Delve 396 Lich:

Pros and Cons

+ Insane clear speed
+ Melts all bosses
+ Not 1 shot in most scenarios, despite the huge DPS
+ Can clear most content, including Sirus (A1), with 5L and relatively cheap gear
+ Leech based character, so non-stop killing
+ Huge damage allows for quick farming of end game maps and bosses
+ requires very active playstyle

- Very expensive to min max, especially the bow
- You will die. ALOT. better get used to it
- cannot do elemental reflect maps
- cannot do no life leech maps
- cannot do phys reflect map, unless changing to iceshot + barrage support
- Atziri can only be done with lower gear
- requires very active playstyle


Please keep in mind that I'm new to the game so take these tips with a grain of salt.

- You will die. Suddenly and stupidly and usually from 1 hit. Get used to it. The crux of the build is that you are going to do enough dps in 6 portals to finish any boss / map

- If you don't want to die way too often never stand still. Always move and shoot (dash-shoot, dash-shoot). In a difficult map
jump around the map and kill whatever mobs pop in front of you, then return if needed. If you stay in 1 place you will most likely be dead. The playstyle is showcased in the Delirium 60% video

- Due to the dash-based movement, open maps will be the more comfortable choice (Summit - gooood, Necropolis - baaad)

- Ranged creeps will be your bane since melee mobs usually don't get close to you.

- Due to no life flask, you will need to gain your regen from hitting monsters. You might find yourself dying to a poison or Ignite. Adding a life flask won't make a world of difference, it's more practical to kill things rather than wasting 1 flask slot.

- If you ever get in a sticky situation use Vaal Grace to get out of it

- Vaal Impurity of Ice should be used on high Cold Resist mobs or bosses. For everything else it actually annuls your Ice Penetration bonuses, so you will be buffing the mobs

- If a boss is giving you problems swap your chain with cold pen. For Hall of grandmasters, it can be finished using the cold pen gem.

- You have virtual no phys dmg reduction, so try to avoid being too close to mobs (Point blank advantage is worth while vs bosses)

- Ice Shot better at clearing mobs, however the barrage support places a significant DPS penalty once you start to build up extra arrows. Eventually you Barrage will be the main skill, since it kills stuff fast enough.

- If you never used Dash, it took me a while to realize that Dash will always move a preset amount in one direction instead of dashing to where your cursor is. So you need to adapt to this, since if your character will not be able to dash it will remain still.. and you will die

- Careful at bleeds. I opted to go for anti-freeze and increased AS on my blue flasks since bleeding is less likely to occur than freezing, and in most cases won't kill you if you don't move around alot.


Please keep in mind that I'm new to the game so feel free to correct me if my understanding is wrong

- Frost Bomb and Vaal Impurity of Ice are mostly useful vs bosses/metamorphs. Impurity of Ice actually lowers your DPS since it raises the mobs resistances to 0. Frost-bomb takes too long to cast.

- There are several damage mitigation factors which allows you to survive almost all first hits: Wind dancer (-20% dmg taken) and 3 endurance charges from Replica Farrul (12% phys reduction). However after you are hit once, chances are the 2nd hit will kill you. Use Vaal grace to get out of sticky situations

- Essence sap is required in order to allow the mana leech to be high enough to sustain the barrage vs bosses. Without it you won't leech enough mana to continuously use barrage so you will lose alot of DPS

- Mark the prey provides a huge DPS boost since the 10% is added after all dmg calculations. Considering that you will always mark the enemies that matter (bosses / rare & unique mobs) you will always have that 10%

- You will be cruising with 6 frenzy charges, 3 endurance charges and 3 Power charges. Replica Farrul takes care of the frenzy and endurance charges, while Stormrider will provide the power charges

- Point Blank is a huge DPS boost, and it's worth while since you will need that boost vs bosses. The penalty that it gives vs creeps is not that big a deal.

- Get Divergent Precision and keep it at level 1. You want the bonuses from the quality and Watcher's Eye without killing your mana.

PoB (community fork only)


Newly update 3.13 PoB(PoB version - community fork)


Old PoBs


Help Alira.


- Lunaris for Major
- Garukhan for Minor

Both of the two will synergize with Wind Dancer and will allow you to survive if you ever take 1 hit (and all hits will most likely be savage)


In order of taking:
- Gathering Winds
- Ricochet
- Wind Ward
- Endless Munitions

Although Endless Munitions will give you a bigger dps boost, you will get Ricochet while leveling, and that extra chain is really worth while when clearing mobs.


The gear was crafted / purchased when getting 2 points instead of going with Alira. So the rezist values can be smaller. I suggest giving up some resists for AS on ring / stats for everything else.


The bow is the most expensive part of the build and the biggest DPS Boost.
I have what might be one of the top3 bows for Ice Deadeye in the Heist SC server right now.

During leveling you can go with a high pDPS 5L bow up to red maps since you will be using Ice Shot mostly. After that a Death Opus is your cheapest viable choice since you will be moving towards Barrage which benefits ALOT from extra arrows (unlike barrage support which adds an 5% AS penalty per extra arrow).

If you are going to craft the bow, do an intermediate bow (2 arrows and 2 T3 affixes) before aiming for a triple T1 bow, since the crafting is VERY EXPENSIVE. You want to afford to loose a 2 arrows and T2 affix roll.


+1 Arrows quiver are useful if they have life and you want to be more tanky.
Once the need to be tanky is no longer you can switch to Voidfletcher.


Farrul's Fur and Replica Farrul's fur main advantage is that it allows you to have 6 frenzy charges consistently, without wasting a gem or fishing for certain affixes (altough there's a craftable one on the quiver, however you want a Voidfletcher).
This is very useful vs bosses where having 6 frenzy charges consistently gets even harder.

Hyrri's Ire is the 2nd best choice in terms of DPS, and the 1st choice in case you are running a +1 arrow quiver. With Hyrri's Ire, a +1 arrow and T1 life quiver and Constitution anointment the build becomes very tanky.

You might opt for such a setup during the final levels if you don't want to do only Chayula's.


I personally went for Gripped Gloves with high AS.
The T1 AS actually gives more DPS then 1 extra frenzy charge.

Life is a must on pretty much all items.
Biggest dps boost is provided by "Increased damage while leeching", and since you will always leech mana, you will always have this bonus.


Stygian Vise all the way for survivability.
Head Hunter is the all-time favorite, I never tried to play with it, but feel free to use it in your build.


The "Gain Onslaught on Kill" is not that relevant with Replica Farrul's Fur, but it's useful if I ever decide to change it.


Again crafted for that extra Abyss Socket.
The most important part of the helmet is the enchantment which gives Barrage an extra arrow.
The most efficient approach is to take a proper helmet as base (I chose evasion, since I'm an evasion char) and fossil it until you get T1 or T2 life and whatever res you require.

Rings And Amulet

The Mark of The Elder + Shaper ring combo provides a huge DPS Increase.
As far as the Shaper ring goes, a Trigger level X Assasin mark is the most desired affix since you want your tough enemies to always be marked.
Get an Opal Ring base whenever possible, and then whatever affixes help you the most.

As far as amulet goes, Crit multiplier and added cold damage are the best.


The setup uses 2 blue flasks since two suffixes are very important for a smooth game / high dps: 12% AS and immune to freeze.
Taste of Hate is amazing for cold builds.
Dying sun is 2 extra arrows, which is an incredible dps boost for Barrage.


Abyss Jewels

Since this build isn't dex stacking, I made use of a lot of free gem slots to add abys jeweles.

For abys jewels aim for flat cold, attack speed, life and crit multiplier.
The 8% increased AS after you deal a critical strike is very good since you are crit based.

Tree Jewels

For the tree jewels the desired affixes are Increased Life, Attack speed and Critical Strike multiplier. You can also use a VERY well rolled Abyss Jewel if you manage to bump into too many of them.

Cluster Jewels

The most important one is cold conduction since you want to have shock added to your build.

As far as the 3 setup, I went with Martial Prowess + Fuel The Fight + Feed the Fury for the large cluster, Cold Conduction + Stormrider for the medium one and for the small I chose Fettle for survivability.

Unique jewels

- Lioneye's Fall in order to allow you to get the converted nodes up to claws of the hawk and from the shadows
- Small Ranged Thread of hope, can be used to get Forces of Nature and Winter Spirit + Weapon Cold damage node while saving 1 passive skill.
- Watcher's Eye will be your biggest dps boost. The flat cold while using hatred is the most desired stat. Attack speed while affected by precision will allow for an expensive watcher's eye instead of an excruciatingly expensive one.

Bow Crafting

Craft method:
1. Get a base
Ideal Base: 6L Thicket Bow with Shaper Influence
- Thicket Bow actually outputs most DPS since it has +3.5% Base AS over the Imperial Bow.
- Shaper influence allows a very desirable affix: 2-4 cold damage per 10 dex
- Having a Shaper influence will require more alterations in order to get the most desired affix, "Of Many" suffix which grants "Bow Attacks Fire 2 Additional Arrows"

Most Accessible Base: 6L Imperial Bow
- the bow comes from Imperial Legacy so it's going to be quite common

2. Get 30% quality
- Perfect Fossils until you hit 30%
- 25 Perfect fossils should do the trick

3. Get the "Of Many" Suffix
- You will need between 1500 and 2500 alterations.
- Alter until you get the "Of Many" suffix which grants "Bow Attacks Fire 2 Additional arrows"
- Imprint it (even if it has a trash prefix to go with it)
- If you have an undesired prefix (which is most likely) use an annulment orb If you annul the "Of Many" suffix, use the imprint and repeat until you have a blue bow with only the "2 extra arrows" suffix. Make an imprint and move to the next step

4. Annul / Augment + imprint cycle
- Use an augmentation orb on the blue bow (make sure you have the imprint with only 1 suffix saved !)You will want to hit one of the following prefixes:
- for a Super Top Tier Bow: T1-T2 Flat Cold, T1-T2 Flat physical, T1-T2 % physical
- for a Top Tier Bow: T1-T3 flat Cold / T1-T3 flat physical/ T1-T3 %physical / T1-T2 increased elemental damage with attack skills
- (if shaper): add 2-4 cold damage per 10 dexterity (valid as prefix for both Super top Tier and Top Tier. However if you want to go mental and not double mod the bow, you might not want it at this point since it's less rare than T1-T2 cold / phys)
- If an undesirable prefix is rolled, use an annulment orb and pray that the bad prefix goes away and not the good suffix
- if you annul the suffix, use the imprint to restore the bow to the previous state, make a fresh imprint and repeat
- if you hit a good prefix, be happy, make a new imprint of the new bow, and prepare go to step 5

- This step is less expensive than the next since if you have a bad roll you will have 50% chance to annul the bad prefix. An imprint costs between 35c and 80c, an annulment orb 2c. Try to be pretentious here.

5. Regal + imprint cycle
- By now you should have a blue bow with 2 extra arrows and a desirable prefix plus an imprint of it
- Regal the bow and hope to hit one of the following affixes
- for a Super Top Tier Bow: T1-T2 Flat Cold, T1-T2 Flat physical, T1-T2 % physical, T1-T2 increased attack speed
- for a Top Tier Bow: T1-T4 Cold, T1-T4 flat physical, T1-T4 physical, T1-T4 increased AS , T1-T3 increased elemental damage with attack skills
- if you don't hit a desired affix, use the imprit, make a fresh imprint and repeat

6. Multimod and Divine
Once you hit a desired affix using the regal orb you can multimod the bow by using "Can have 3 crafted modifiers".
The 2 remaining modifiers should be chosen according to what was hit, flat ice and attack speed giving the biggest bonus while elemental damage the least (or at least according to PoB).

7. Enjoy your bow.


For damage Throatseeker or Heart Of Ice.

If you want for some reason to be more tanky, you can always opt for Constitution (I know I did when farming Repository / Tunnels contracts for leveling).

Gem Links

6L - main skill

Please note that in the 44M version I replaced hypothermia with Inspiration support. If you choose to go with Hypothermia, you will need to take Essence sap and give up Farsight for Essence Sap + Weapon Artistry for a 42M DPS output.


Bosses (especially harder ones which don't spawn alot of mobs):

Both for clear and for bosses (this becomes valid for whole content after a certain point):

Hypothermia replaces Ice Bite support once you get a good source of frenzy charges (quiver craft or Farrul's Fur).

Until then, and while leveling, Ice Bite is required to have consistent frenzy charges.

5L - utility (can also be 4L without frost bomb or 6L)

Divergent precision (or precision for that matter) should be kept at level 1. You want to proc the Watcher's Eye bonuses from the aura and, for the divergent version, the extra damage.

Since precision takes flat mana, getting higher level will shrink your mana pool too much and will affect your dps / mobility.

3L - Auras

4L - CWDT (Can also be 3L)

Assasin's mark on CWDT is no longer as important once you get a shaper ring which triggers the mark. You can replace it with an Abyasal socket, Summon golem or frost bomb.

Other Useful Gems (no link required):

Leveling and growing

For leveling ice shot is the way to go.
I used ice shot + multiple projectiles + Mirage Archer + Ice Bite for most of the levels

Once you get your 5L you can switch to Ice Shot + Chain support + Barrage support + Ice Bite + Elemental damage with attacks support

For 6L the gems are posted above. Give up Ice Bite only when you have a sure source of frenzy charges. Replace it with Hypothermia.

Most gear will be quite obvious when to change.

As far as armor goes I would suggest to get Hyrri's Ire / Farrul as soon as you can afford it, and get your 5L on it.

Next priority would be a 6L Death Opus. Death Opus and Hyrri's / Farrul you should be able clear almost all content and be able to start farming for your top tier crafted bow.

Once you have enough resources (2500 alteration, 50 annulment, 100 craicic chimerals, 2 - 4 exalts) you can start working on your first crafted bow.

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Recommended 😁
I'm thinking of trying this with a tornado shot set up for clear in 3.13 do you think the tree would need much adjustment?
A true honest guide . Thx mate . I love deadeye
Seeing the 3.13 changes in deadeye, the main change would be in ascendancy nodes.

Endless Munitions will be a must for both barrage and Tornado Shot, and the question is if you go with Occupying Force or Ricochet.

Ricochet was nerfed in terms of damage (previously it had 10% damage per remaining chain), however the extra chain allows you to use your skills without chain support so I would still go with it.

If you are planning on using mirage archer then for sure Occupying Force would be a good alternative.

As far as the other two points I would suggest Gathering Winds and Wind Ward for Tornado builds.

Gathering Winds is a must on all builds, while Wind Ward will synergize well with Wind Dancer, allowing you to have -55% damage on first hit (which is awesome, you can actually play with 4.7k HP).

As far as the tree goes, Point Blank is a flavor skill. I would still take it if you are planning to use barrage for bosses, but avoid taking Far Shot from ascendancy to maximize the "close combat skill".

Other nodes that you might want to investigate if you want to keep or invest in something else are:
- Evasion and Life nodes from tree start (switch to the 2 dex nodes instead of the 4 life and evasion nodes to travel) since with Wind Ward you should be more tanky
- You might want to take the north path through Lethal Assault + Coldhearted calculation instead of the 2 dex nodes to Coordination to boost your projectiles speed and damage
- Essence sap might not be needed if you improve your mana regen rate, so it's worth seeing if with minus mana cost crafts you can save 2 nodes and take Soul Raker

That's at a first glance.

I'm going to use your build for my next starter, what do you think will be the best path with the new ascendancy ?

The following order would make for the smoothest experience:
Gathering Winds
Wind Ward
Endless Munitions

You want Gathering Winds first so you can move faster through maps.
You take ricochet second because the +1 chain will allow you to fast clear without the use of chain support.
Wind ward becomes relevant during the maps since it provides you the extra tankyness.
Endless munition, the biggest dps boost, is left for last since it will benefit greatly Barrage and less Ice shot + barrage support. You will want the 2 extra arrows once you will start doing end game bosses.

Towards the end you might want to change Wind ward with focal point, but I need the new PoB Updated to say for sure.

I will come with an updated guide with items and ascendancy tree soon.


Check out the new PoB I've uploaded.
It contains intermediate trees and items.

I will also come with an update regarding ascendancies when 3.13 PoB community fork comes out.

Meanwhile you can toy around and adjust the main part of the tree.
gonna be playing this for leaguestart thanks for the simple guide :D
Why do you use barrage support gem in clear setup?

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