[3.13] [RIP] Guardian Spectre Summoner

Hello Exile!

This Guardian spectre summoner will carry you from LV1~LV90 with very budget gear and swim through all contents to the end of atlas,one of the best league starter build for arena atlas league.

It is a very flexible build and work with any spell you like, the core dps comes from raise spectre of your choice, running 4 spectres as early as you can, main defense layer comes from 50% att/spell block chance at early stage, transit to low life/ high energy shield build if you decide to min max later.

This build is based on my own character created during heist flashback and you can get a preview of how it look like towards the end game min max build.

My objective is to create a build that is easy to play, all rounded offensive and defensive balance character, decent dps for end game contents, tanky but not squishy, low budget league starter, and transit to high tier summoner without worrying rare craft situation, most of the gears are forgotten uniques and works really well together.

After 3.13 update
I will stopped updating this build as raise spectre is getting ridiculously nerfed than I expected.

Solution to 3.13 nerf on raise spectre
To make up the loss of dps and life on 3.13 raise spectre, I have make changes to 4 mdium cluster jewel notable to hulking corpses, this will grant minions 100% increased life and higher chance for zombie to taunt on hit. For make up the dps loss,i order to make spectre great again, I urge everyone to try out elegant hubris timeless jewel, use divine orb to roll for at least 320% minion damage or 240% minion damage/160% minion life. This is not a budget option but due to the latest changes to raise spectre, you can't enjoy the same spectre experience on 3.12 without the move.

3.13 patch notes announcement
Due to the nerfed of raise spectre, the impact is greater on necromancer but also affect guardian build, it is estimated 15% less dps and 20% less life on budget and core build, this is not a good news.

For premium build, renewal cluster has changed to 5% to deal double damage from 10%, with this in effect, our premium build will have 33~35% less dps.

Coming soon...

This pob has trees of lv30 , lv 60 , lv90 and lv98 with premium upgrade.
pob link: https://pastebin.com/cVuwzWg8

Leveling - Act1 - Act10

Use any skill to LV10, try to find a 3-link BBB equipment and get [B]summon skeleton, [B]infernal legion, [B]minion damage.

This skill is just so good for summoner build and it will be your main dps until your 4th spectre and tabula is ready.

You can use any movement skill such as dash, flame dash, lightning wrap you like, for guard skill I recommend steelskin, and enduring cry as free life regeneration. Vitality will be usefull too.

As this build is planning for league starter, it will be difficult to find any sort of usual leveling gears, but we do not actually need those to pass ACT10.

Things to look for *Resistance *Life *Movement speed

Gear, Gems Links & Flasks


Recommended gears to upgrade when you enter Atlas map

Budget gear - you definitely need these!

Body Armor

Weapon - Required lv40
Midnight Bargain Engraved Wand - +1 spectre

Weapon / Shield Swap

Defensive Shield - Required lv54
Daresso's Courage Baroque Round Shield - You can get 56% attack block/ 50% spell block for free, save 4 points from inferior glancing blow.

Offensive Shield - Required lv50
Victario's Charity Laminated Kite Shield - Frenzy charge on hit for your minion, big dps boost.

Amulet - Required lv20
Astramentis Onyx Amulet - attribute stats for requirements

Boots - Required lv22
Bones of Ullr Silk Slippers - +1 level of raise spectre

Elixir Ruby flask is mandatory for Daresso's Courage Baroque Round Shield, you do not want to get 1 shot by chaos damage without its flask effect.

Core Upgrade - things to look for when you have some currency.

Helmet - Required lv68
Memory Vault Praetor Crown - Great amount of energy shield and armor

Amulet - Required lv60
Presence of Chayula Onyx Amulet - anoint cleansed thoughts to double chaos resistance, use fertile catalyst for more energy shield conversion.

Belt - Required lv22
Bated breath - Huge amount of energy shield and recharge rate, use tempering catalyst for more energy shield.

Premium Upgrade - not a must but good to have

Body Amour - Huge amount of energy shield and chaos damage no longer hit your low life, this will free one flask slot from elixir ruby flask.

Glove - This is a very good glove, great amount of energy shield, additional curse, this will give us 2 curse on hit, corruption implicit can be elemental weakness, temporal chain, conductivity ,vulnerable or assassin's mark depends on which spectre you are playing.

Boots - rare sorcerer boot with energy shield, +1 level of raise spectre

Ring - attributes , maximum energy shield, increased energy shield and resistances.

Cluster Jewels

Other Jewels
Watcher's eye with chaos resistance while affected by purity of element

Elegant Hubris - a good roll to have increased 320% minion damage

Spectre choices

Early Game - Slave Driver

When you reach ACT5, you can find slave driver in control block, desecrate on the ground a few time to raise spectre, this is one of the best spectre you can get.

End Game - Frost Auto Scout

When you get tunnel mission for heist, you can find frost auto scout and desecrate from the mission, this is the end game spectre for this build, all rounded mapping/boss spectre.


Redemption Sentry

You can find them in redeemer influence map, it can’t be desecrate and can be found on the dead body after killed. Many people love redemption sentry animation but it is not the best in terms of dps and survivality.

Baranite Thaumaturge

You can find them in crusader influence map, it can’t be desecrate and can be found on the dead body after killed.
Boss killer and play with some luck, I killed Sirus using budget build with these boys.

I do not recommend Baranite preacher for its slower lightning ball and low life, they tend to die easily.

How to raise the right spectre with spell echo?

You either unsocket spell echo or use raise zombie with pressing the A key to remove unwanted corpses, then raise the spectre you want.

How to see corpse name?
Press A to see corpse name and ensure you have already enable it in option.

My spectre always die.

Make sure you have follow and allocated enough minion life passive, use path of building fork community to view minion stats.

Why do you use element equilibrium, how it actually works?
It improves your minion's elemental dps alot! Just remember the golden rule, use flame dash, blazing salvo or any fire skill to hit enemies, and it will work nicely as all our recommended spectre do not deal fire damage. DO NOT USE any lightning skill to hit enemies if your spectre is slave driver or baranite thaumaturge. DO NOT USE any cold skill to hit enemies if your spectre is redemption sentry or frost auto scout.

Do I need to use Animate Guardian?


It is not a must but good to have.
It is recommended to use AG only when it reach lv20, then you start to feed gears to your AG, if your AG die, all equipment feed on it will be gone, so do not use it for Sirus or HOGM.

For budget setup

Leer cast+dying Breath and Ambu's Charge [The life regen when low is pretty good at keeping him alive] and South Bound Gloves [Big HP boost] + Cold resist. The boots use victario's flight for its movement speed aura.

For advance setup

Kingmaker axe is the best weapon choice but expensive.

Gruthkul's Pelt Wyrmscale Doublet for huge life boost and 5% life regen on AG

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hm looks interesting
Very interesting. I was looking for a guide for spectre summoner guardian. Eagerly waiting for the completion of guide
I've an error when I import the pastebin. My pob is the latest version (1.4.170)
nicoferrero11 wrote:
I've an error when I import the pastebin. My pob is the latest version (1.4.170)
You have to use Path of building fork.
Due to the nerfed of raise spectre, the impact is greater on necromancer but also affect guardian build, it is estimated 15% less dps and 20% less life.
And spectres dying? Or level reduction is not important?
And spectres dying? Or level reduction is not important?

The nerf impact majority of necromancer raise spectre build, level reduction means lower life and dps for spectre, usually we build lv25 raise spectre at monster lv83, on 3.13 it has been lower to lv77, the loss of both dps and survivality is huge.

Hence I have adjusted premium build cluster jewel to include 4 hulking corpse notable and elegant hubris jewel, this will make up for the nerf but it force this build to go expensive, not budget viable anymore
do we still get the 3rd spectre from the gem by adding 5 levels (lvl 25), or does it have to be 82 lvl minion (lvl 30 gem) or higher even?

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