[3.12] Penance Brand - Archmage Bomber - 72M Shaper Damage (Not DPS)


This is my first attempt for posting a build.
Unfortunately I wont be following the classic drop down bars and mega in depth descriptions as most other builds do.

The more detailed descriptions are in the PoB Notes. Everything you will need is in that PoB Link.

Okay 1 expandable bar. I have the PoB link here:

A quick summary and description.

So, Penance Brand.

Aim is to ramp up mana cost to throw out maximum cost brands.

Slightly slower to bosses but high enough damage to delete them.

Defense are nothing spectacular so mobility is most important here.

We have decent regen and leech.

Regen from (Purifying Flame) the massive area of consecrated ground.

Some block chance but not totally reliable.

Some Phys reduction but again nothing to stop a massive hit.

We have a strong amount of energy shield (Ivory Tower Chest + Prism Guardian) from reserving life.


This build is not a lets say DPS build, its a Bomber.

The bread and butter of it is,

Standard enemy damage = roughly 120M damage
Shaper/Sirus damage = roughly 72M damage.

The damage is over 5.5 seconds.

Of course you can assume a DPS by dividing the damage by the time but its damage comes from maximum stacks explosion along with pulses.


There are no ridiculously expensive items, only 6L, watchers eye (which is not a necessity) cluster jewels (more info in the PoB Notes).


That's it. Thank you for looking (if you do) at the build and I would appreciate any input from others about this or any questions.
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Got any gameplay videos?
Mixer - https://mixer.com/Corrison

TrueAchievements - https://www.trueachievements.com/gamer/Corrison

XboxClips - http://xboxclips.com/corrison
How is the clear with this?
Edit: I'm league starting with this and I'm going to make it work!
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How do you manage to balance your mana cost using both Archmage and Indigon?
You might wanna call this a nuker rather then a bomber, a bomber refers to a build which chains explosions for a screen-wide clear. The build doesn't quite look like that relative from the pob. And since there is no gameplay nobody can tell.
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