[3.12] Transcendence Armour/Evasion IMMORTAL MELEE STACKER TEMPLATE

Hi guys,

This is NOT a build guide.
Maybe you get inspired from the PoB-Link

Read the "Notes" in PoB for detailed information

This is just my take on a Transcendence Replica Dreamfeather Melee Stacker in Heist League

---==== VIDEO SHOWCASE ===---

Possible Skills:

-Lightning Strike (my choice)
-Wild Strike
-Elemental Hit
-many other melee skills too

Key Features:

-(nearly) Immortal Build due to "Transcendence" Keystone
-450% increased Aura Effect
-1.6 million Armour
-Explode mechanic for superb clearspeed
-40 million Sirus DPS
-86% max resists (even with -5% max resist Transcendence malus)
-about 1.5k exalted / 2-3 mirror (relativly cheap aura stacker for ultra endgame)


-Delve 1500+ viable
-facetank A8 Sirus
-facetank 100% Delirium T19 Kosis

(PoB Community Fork required)


GL & HF & SS

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Last bumped on Jan 14, 2021, 12:10:20 AM
First intel of upcoming 3.13 stacker nerfs:

-Aura effect medium cluster jewels heavily nerfed from 6% to 3%.
-They announced nerfs to Stalwart Commander
-They announced nerfs to alternate quality Auras

These are key notes for melee aura stacker on Transcendence Keystone.

I guess the build is dead...

I hope many got a chance of trying it. The build was a blast!

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couldn't you swap guardian ascendancy for champ now that it has 15% aura effect and free fortify
Nerfs hit hard

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