[3.12] SSF Ascendant - Bleeding Steel Scion

This is a build still in progress made for the Flashback event, so I am not sure how well it does past level 43, but it levels fast and takes out bosses (including Metamorphs) fairly quickly. Ran through the first lab at level with 0 issues as well, even having the 3 buffs from the 1st trial present.

This build relies on Shattering Steel gem and melee damage once you make it past Merveil. Prior to that it uses Frost Blades with Melee damage and Chance to Bleed.

Build Idea:
A really effective bleed Scion who bleeds out her enemies quick hitting them hard.

Pros (as of level 61):
Levels efficiently
Kills (most) bosses effectively. I struggled a small bit with Vaal Overseer but he's the only one.
Fairly tanky

Cons (as of level 61):
Large Legion instances (though Blights can) can't be done well.
Large scale mob piles can drain life if not paying attention.
Sometimes the Vigilant misses if aren't aware which direction the character is facing, or if out of range.
Chaos resistance is non-existant after Kitava part 1.

See this build in action on my Twitch: Miz RogueGaming

Numbers are priority, and in order of what is linked to what.
1. Frost Blades
2. Chance to Bleed
3. Vigilant Strike
4. Chance to Bleed
Optional: Ancestral Call linked to Frost Blades

Tree Progression
1. Shaper via Life Regen. This boosts mana while stacking our life.
2. Path of the Warrior through Melee damage. Steel is a melee gem, so boosting this and making the Scion more of a tank will benefit both gems.
3. Path of the Hunter through Projectile and Movement speed path. Both gems are projectiles, and since a shield is used, movement speed helps to negate the slowed down movement.

After Merveil build:

Path of Building link (in progress as items are adjusted):

* Shattering Steel linked to Chance to Bleed and Maim Support and Impale Support and Vicious Projectiles Support.
* Vulnerability: This hex really makes the bleed bleed fast and really helps to take out those bosses.
* Vigilant Strike linked to Chance to Bleed, Faster Attacks Support and Fortify Support. This helps give an extra buff while applying the bleed to really support Scion life and stay close to bosses for melee damage with the Fortify buff granted when hitting an enemy.
*Penance Brand with Spell Echo and Increased Duration
* Reckoning with Chance to Bleed, Maim and Life Gain has been being used (and is used effectively by another player) but it doesn't mesh with my personal playstyle well so I will be trying Ancestral Protector instead of Reckoning in an upcoming stream
Miz RogueGaming
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mizroguegaming
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In progress, final form has not been acheived. This will be updated as the gear is.
Current gear:


Passive Tree
For this build, you're going to want to head to the Gladiator Ascendancy node first when you do labs. For Merciless Lab, go straight for Juggernaut.

As of level 78:

Final tree plan (no Pantheon selections):

For the Pantheon, I change the minor god as needed and keep Lunaris as the major god.

Gameplay Tips
It helps to always have the steel hovering behind you for a quick steel buff when attacking as that also aids in the pseudo-tankiness and blocking projectiles.

The first thing you want to do once you've made it this far, and to really boost that life is grab Coordination from Shaper. Once you have that, tree progression can go as you feel comfortable as you have a pretty solid tank like build, especially if you make sure to hit the enemies with Vulnerability, Vigilant Strike and then your steel shards. I personally went for Bloodletting after Coordination to really boost my bleed during leveling and boss fights, especially Piety. Along the way to Bloodletting I picked up Risk Awareness and a large Dex node.

Disclaimer I couldn't get it all one one page, so I had to do it in two. Not sure why as it just suddenly cut me off though the preview prior had been fine.
Miz RogueGaming
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mizroguegaming
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Build updated for Level 51
Miz RogueGaming
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mizroguegaming
Level 61 updates
Miz RogueGaming
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mizroguegaming
Level 78 updates.

While there are unique items here, I am 100 % SSF league in Flashback and have either found or crafted my uniques. For example, my amulet was crafted at the Menagerie.
Miz RogueGaming
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mizroguegaming

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