[3.12] But What If Items Didn't Exist? Facebreaker & Bringer of Rain Berserker

One of the most important parts of making a character is finding the right equipment for it. But what if you didn't have to worry about that?

Facebreakers allow you to no longer worry about finding a weapon and Bringer of Rain removes body armors from your calculations. This is mostly a meme build, and I, personally, am a bit disappointed to see it work so well.
Path of Building
Level 90: https://pastebin.com/N2JDHkkv
(I have yet to experience this)
You have to use the community fork, which you can find here:
I stumbled upon this build while leveling in Mayhem, when a Bringer of Rain dropped. I immediately ditched that character and started trying to make this... thing... work.

Pros and Cons
+ It's a meme build
+ Good Sustain via Life & Mana Leech
+ Pretty tanky thanks to Endurance Charges
+ Good Clear Speed due to Rage

- It's a meme build
- Not enough sockets for anything other than the main skills.
- Can get one-shot
- Takes a while to ramp up after dying due to Rage

You have to play a bit cautious whenever you enter a map, since you don't have endurance charges nor rage at that point, but after you start bonking stuff left and right, you can easily just shield charge in the middle of a pack and then hold down the button for Ground Slam. For bosses or really tough mobs, I usually pop Berserk, which gives you a temporary dmg & survivability boost at the cost of consuming all your rage stacks.

Passive Tree
Not as detailed as the PoB, but if you don't have PoB or you just wanna take a look at the tree, here it is:

Crave the Slaughter -> Rite of Ruin -> Pain Reaver -> Aspect of Carnage

You won't feel that big an improvement after the first lab if you already use the Rage support gem, since all you get is more rage generation, but you want to get Rite of Ruin ASAP since that's where the real dmg is at.

If you wanted, you could grab one of the other 2 ascendancies first then respec to Crave the Slaughter after the 2nd lab, but I didn't bother. The build butchers the early game well enough anyway.


Kill 'em all! Passives are precious.


For the major Pantheon, I use the Soul of Lunaris, and for the minor pantheon I use the Soul of Gruthkul. Feel free to swap em out if you feel like something is better, but don't forget that you can't get stunned after hitting 25 rage, so most of the effect of the Brine King's soul is already covered.


Main Skill

Luckily for us, we don't have to worry about getting a 6-link, since

takes care of that for us. In it, we'll place our main gem setup, which consists of

Rage support grants add Added Physical damage based on how many rage stacks we have, and that gets amplified by the Facebreakers. Maim makes enemies take more dmg, in addition to boosting the skill's physical dmg, and Brutality takes our physical dmg to another level.

More damage might be attainable by getting some elemental conversions, but I'm not good enough at build-making to worry about that. If you do test it out, please do let me know how it goes!

Auras and Buffs

The auras we use are

(Blood and Sand being in the blood stance).
In addition to that, I use

for boss fights. Ancestral warchief boosts our dmg even more, while Culling Strike allows us to finish the fight early.


I use

for my mobility skill. It allows me to zoom around the map at the speed of a small car, and the fortify support not only makes me tankier, but also makes me deal more dmg, thanks to the passive tree.

My current gear is the following:

Thief's Torment gives us much needed elemental resists and also a lot of Life Gain on Hit. In addition to that, it also locks the 2nd ring slot, fitting the spirit of this build.

Carnage Heart gives us a lot of Attributes, Life Leech and Damage, seeing how we're always leeching thanks to the degen from Rage. Also, more elemental resists never hurt.

I picked the Great Old One's Ward as a shield due to the Added Physical Damage and the spell block chance, and the Redblade Tramplers as boots because of the Life and Added Physical Damage.

For the belt, use it to max out your elemental resists and to get as much life as possible.

We want to get as much Added Physical Damage as we can, so prioritize that on your jewels. Using 2 Rapid Expansions improves the clear speed, but if you want more single target dmg, you'd probably be better off with some rare jewels.


You want to get your hands on (or should I say in?) a pair of Facebreakers as soon as possible. They're the bread and butter of this build.
Sadly, I no longer have my leveling uniques, but I'll update this part of the build sometime soon... if I don't forget, that is.

Thanks for checking out this build! I hope I covered everything important.
I originally wanted to try this by using a One With Nothing gem, but I couldn't get my hands on one (being broke is no joke). But who knows, maybe one day the RNG Gods shall bless me with the opportunity to get rid of even more item slots.
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