[PS4] 3.12.5b Patch Notes

PS4 3.12.5b Patch Notes:

  • Added support for upcoming events.
  • Added the ability to override affinity settings using "LS+Square" when transferring items to the Stash. This ignores Stash Affinities and places the item in the current Stash Tab you have open.
  • Talismans which drop from the Ritual Ground Delve encounter now drop as a Rare item with higher-tier modifiers and with an anointment if in a monster level 68 or higher area.
  • Fixed an issue where Atlas Jewellery could fail to drop from Delve chests if the area-level was too low. These chests no longer spawn below depth 65.
  • Fixed an issue with Stash Affinities where it would still switch to a tab even if it was full and failed to place the item.
  • Fixed an instance crash.
Last bumped on Dec 4, 2020, 3:31:03 AM
I hope PS4 can handle this crazy event without many problems.

Good luck everyone.
Custom filters. They worked pre patch. Post parch they are gone. I logged in to filterblade and resynch'd but cannot get them to work. The labels are there but they don't filter. SMH. What else did you break and when are you going to fix it?
I graciously accept your offering.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.

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