Suggestion for Races & Events Like the ones coming.

Dear Exiles and Overlords,

So in the past events like the ones coming are Void after use. Their was specific reasoning for this back in the day but now the whole economy is different and changed. Because of this I think it would be worth a thought To make future Events and Races,

Go directly to Standard after they conclude. In standard the economy is already the way it is and it hasn't changed in some time, Nor would it change because of such a thing in todays POE. I think it would give people more interest in playing events and races, Especially players that still use standard since they would then be able to take some of their uniques that they may have never found before into standard and use their build. Just my opinion but it would also fix a issue having characters take up space that can't be used yet you don't want to delete them until a couple days after the race or event has ended as to make sure it was counted. But migrating them to standard would fix this problem as well.

Anyone who says Aye to this democratic proposal of thought, leave it below along with why, if you wish. Anyone with Nay do likewise as to why not.

The economy of standard isn't going to be change ever to my knowledge and i believe this would be a way to give standard players something fresh to look forward too, also grant newer players the ability to catch up in standard with players like myself who have been playing since closed beta. So this proposal should at least be something to think about looking to the future of POE, and from what i know would have almost no negative impacts on the standard or even hardcore base economy, Hardcore could be viable but it is a little different than standard so put standard forth because of that as you can't kill the standard economy, and i do not have enough research into hardcore to be able to tell that now a days.

Thanks for you time and consideration,
Last bumped on Dec 2, 2020, 1:39:26 PM

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