[3.12] Oneshot Discharge Farrul's fur Jugg build


Well, as I say in the title, this is a Discharge build based on the Farrul's fur armor, which gives us a buff with which we obtain our maximum charges of power and frenzy.
Using the amulet Voll's devotion, we get the maximum of endurance charges when we spend power charges and with the new staff "eventuality rod" of this Heist league, that gives us +1 to endurance and power charges; we can accumulate a good amount of both charges.

I chosen the Juggernaut (Colossus) because it gives us +1 endurance charge and good survival resources in ascendant.

The idea of ​​the build is to use discharge when we are fully charged (which is approximately every 5 sec.).

I'm using this build on maps up to level 14 with no issues, the ability to clear maps is great and a lot of fun because everything disappears with a release of Discharge.

As for the battles against the bosses, it costs a bit, because you have to dodge the attacks until all the charges are available to attack, I have tried to solve this using Decoy totem, which taunts the enemies and they do not attack us.

However, I still have not managed to increase the damage more and it leads to sustain problems against normal bosses of maps of tier 15 or higher (we are not talking about guardians or tougher bosses because I have not arrived yet, but I doubt that this build can't handle it) .

If someone controls this cool skill please correct me or comment, since I have never finished the end - game and I don't have the knowledge to improve this build idea.

Here, I leave the link to PoB, in which you can see the damage it has
by use of skill (1.4 Million Sirus Dps) :


4,5M Realm ender average damage (Sirus): https://pastebin.com/tGXriVGf

I await any suggestion, question or help.
Thank you.
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