Flicker strike issues

Good morning

Whenever I flicker strike, my character has a massive delay, I'm rarely at the spot where I'm supposed to be, it's like the game loses track of where I am constantly and as a result my character is killed without a reasonable explanation

I'm sure it is a known bug for PS4, but it's really heart breaking when you're excited for multiple leagues, hoping to play this skill, but it just doesn't work

Please fix this, it would really bring a smile to many a players face when this movement skill works

Btw Thanks for the bug fixes that made Heist playable after launch issues
Last bumped on Jan 5, 2021, 5:26:09 PM
I have the same problem.

Flicker Strike is impossible to play. It took me days and a lot of money to realize that it was not playable. Delays without end. My Righteuos Fire with Shieldcharge also has the problem.

I thought about giving the whole thing to my lawyer. It is outrageous that GGG has the same problems as the PC and does not fix them, even though they are already using the technology on the PC.

Only we're being fooled again.

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