Skill Cosmetics Apply to Skills from Items!

Hello there,

These cosmetics are very expensive and we cannot apply them to skills that come from uniques. This should be changed so that we can I have a unique which gives me a lvl 22 blight & another one which gives a lvl 25 scorching ray I cannot put my cosmetics on them because they are not a skill gem socketed into my gear. This should not matter in applying cosmetics and the fact that it does is very unpleasant.

for basically $20-$30 a skill effect I should be able to put them on a skill that comes from a unique. Please fix this so I can put celestial blight & scorching ray on the stronger versions that come from uniques!
Last bumped on Nov 23, 2020, 2:13:43 PM
Agreed. Add Soul Mantle to that list too. Pretty sure this idea has been a request by many for a long while.

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