[3.12] Chieftain RF Leveling Guide | HC League Starter | UNFINISHED

Hi all,

This build is based off CaiptainLance9's 3.12 Chieftain RF leveling build which can be found here:


General tips: use 2H mace with phys weapon vendor craft and a studded belt. Continue to look for good scepters and shields for the swap to RF.

Skill Tree
The POB for the skill tree is here: https://pastebin.com/7DHBAnYv
use the drop down menu on the bottom left to go through the trees as we level up.

Act 1
Kill Hillock
Buy/look for: 2R 1G item, MS boots and iron rings
Sockets: Ground Slam-Ruthless

Get submerged passage WP and kill Hailrake
Buy: Chance to Bleed, War Banner, Blood and Sand, Dash
Quest reward: Ancestral Protector, Steelskin, Onslaught, quicksilver flask
Ground Slam-Chance to Bleed-Onslaught
Ancestral Protector-Ruthless
Use all others unlinked (Dash will require Jade Amulet) and Steelskin used on left click if you have enough mana. If you hate micro keep Blood and Sand in blood.
look for: Jade Amulet

Get Lower Prison WP and kill Dweller in Submerged Passage
Quest reward: Added Fire Damage
Buy: Maim
Ground Slam-Added Fire Damage-Onslaught
Ancestral Protector-Maim
Keep Chance to Bleed leveling in weapon swap

Do first lab trial and kill Brutus
Quest reward: Leap Slam
Buy: Intimidating Cry (use only for bosses), Vitality, Enduring Cry (keep leveling), Rustic Sash
Replace Dash with Leap Slam

Get Caverns of Wrath WP and kill Fairgraves
Quest reward: Sunder
Sunder-Added Fire Damage-Onslaught

Kill Merveil and go to act 2

Act 2
Kill Fidelitas
Quest reward: Herald of Ash
Buy: Herald of Purity, Righteous Fire (if you can afford, keep leveling only)
Remove and keep leveling: Vitality, Steelskin

Kill The Great White Beast (Optional) and Weaver
Quest reward: Faster Attacks, Rare Rustic Sash
Buy: Blood Rage, Melee Physical Damage (keep leveling)
Leap Slam-Faster Attacks

Help Oak, do second lab trial, kill Vaal Oversoul and go to act 3

Act 3

At any time during Act 3: Look for/Buy/Craft: 3R 1G item and a 3B 1R item for the RF swap. A 2R 1G would also be helpful. Unlinked 3B's & 2F's also required.
Sockets: Sunder-Added Fire Damage-Melee Physical Damage-Onslaught

Help Clarissa, do third lab trial and kill Piety
Quest reward: Doesn't matter

Collect Platinum busts and do fourth lab trial

Collect Thaumetic Sulphite and level at docks if more than 2 levels below monster level

Talk to Lady Dalia and do fifth lab trial
Quest reward: Jade Amulet

Kill General Gravicius and Piety
Quest reward: Ancestral Warchief
Buy: Bladestorm
Sockets: Bladestorm-Rage-Melee Physical Damage-Close Combat (requires level 28)
Swap Ancestral Protector with Ancestral Warchief

Collect the golden pages for Siosa in The Library (Optional)
This quest gives all the gems necessary for the HoA swap. If league starting/SSF this may not be achievable till later as it requires ~10 C.

HoA Swap
The minimum items needed for the swap are: a 1R 3G item, a 1R 2G 1B item (preferably helmet with +# to level of socketed Minion Gems or Wraithlord although hard to colour), Quill Rain, Hyrri's Bite & Thief's Torment lvl 30 req. (and/or Gluttony lvl 48 req.)

If swapping buy at minimum:
Barrage-Lesser Multiple Projectiles-Lesser Poison Support-Life Gain on Hit
Herald of Agony-Minion Damage Support-Damage on Full Life-Pierce

If you have extra currency buy:
Arctic Armour, Vicious Projectiles Support, Increased Duration Support, Fortify, Blood Magic, poison, Desecrate, Spirit Offering

If not doing the HoA swap buy: Poacher's Mark to Replace Punishment (until you have Essence Sap passive, then switch back to Punishment)

If you have a spare 3R 1G item buy: Blood Magic & Fortify

Links: Leap Slam-Faster Attacks-Blood Magic-Fortify In order of importance

Do sixth lab trial in imperial gardens and kill Dominus and go to act 4, wait till level 31 to do normal lab (usually crystal veins in act 4)

Act 4
Kill Voll and free Deshret, consider doing normal lab

Kill Dareso and Kaom

Kill Malachai and go to Act 5
Quest reward: Greater Multiple Projectiles
Buy: Cast When Damage Taken Support
Links: Cast When Damage Taken Support-Poacher's Mark (or Punishment)-Steelskin(or Enduring Cry)-Increased duration (buy from Siosa)

Act 5
Return the Miasmeter & Kill Justicar Casticus
Quest reward: Stibnite flask

Farm Chamber of Innocence till level 39 at least and then kill innocence

Get sign of purity, physical craft recipe and Kitava's Torments
Quest reward: Stibnite flask

Kill Kitava

Act 6
Kill Tuhohamma and clear the Twilight Strand (Optional)

Do first Cruel Lab trial and kill Brutus/Shavronne
Quest reward: 4L helmet

Get black flag, kill Brine King and go to act 7

Act 7
Get silver locket, do second Cruel lab trial & get Maligaro's Map
Quest reward: Quartz flask

Kill Maligaro, do third cruel lab trial, kill Greust, get Kishara's Star, get Vaal City WP, collect fireflies & kill Gruthkul
Quest reward: skill points

Kill Ryslatha & kill abberath (prisoners gate)
Quest reward: skill points at act 6

Do cruel lab, Kill Arakali and go to act 8

Act 8
Kill Doedre & tolman
Quest reward: skill point

Kill legionnaires & get sun orb
Quest reward: skill point

Get moon orb, get Wings of Vastiri & kill Yugul
Quest reward: skill point, conquerors efficiency (for selling)

kill Lunaris and Solaris and go to act 9

Act 9
Farm blood aqueducts until lvl 62 and all 105 resists if possible

Get storm blade
Quest reward: Reaver axe

Get bottled storm, kill Shakari, kill Basilisk and do 2nd merciless lab trial, get phys recipe, kill garukhan
Quest reward: skill points

Get Tarthan Powder, kill the depraved trinity, go to act 10

Act 10
Act 10 is standard, complete all the quests and take Jade flask for reward

After you have finished the story and transferred to HoA, use the HoA build guide to go into end game.

I'll add more later such as items to look for etc.
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Where is the HoA build guide? Seems it's just RF no ?
Same Question, i fall here looking a leveling RF guide :p
a good bit of your skill points aren't set I'm guessing you're going for divine Judgment
update guide please
Huh what's going on? It says RF guide but only buys the gem and does nothing else with it. And what is HoA doing there, shouldn't there be a switch to RF at some point?
I am really confused. The guide starts promising!
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