[3.12]CoC Ice Nova Raider|Life & Dodge|All content done in SSF|Delve 1k|Fast & Fun|Die to one-shots|

Players, I've come to share a build I've made in SSF Heist.

Cospri kept dropping for me (got 3) so I've caved and decided to just respec my Frost Blades Raider to CoC Ice Nova since I was too lazy to level an Assassin.
I've been playing it for a few weeks now and like it a lot.
I don't see people playing CoC Ice Nova as a Raider, but I think it's actually very fun and worth sharing.

Don't start this build in SSF until you got Cospri and Pandemonius at least, that's what I've started with. Not HC viable.

What I've done with this build this league:

-Uber Elder (first for me)
-Uber Atziri (first for me)(unsocket frostbolt)
-Sirus A8 (many times, mostly deathless)
-Delve 1000 (very far from deathless)
-Level to 99 (my highest)


What you can expect from this build (stats with my current gear and flasks up):

-One bad thing first. I have 4k hp and not a lot of damage reduction. If a Big hit gets through like in deep delve or some explosion of unknown origin, you will get one shot.
-Nice damage, you don't one shot conquerors but they die very quickly as I will show in one of videos. And it's all aoe
-Fast movement. With my things it's up to +140% movement speed when not channeling. Up to +68% movement during cyclone. Without a speed flask.
-Immunity to all elemental ailments
-Blind on hit
-95% evasion vs blinded enemies even with 40% less evasion from Wind Dancer
-65-75% attack dodge, 60-75% spell dodge (varies due to elusive)
-75% block chance if not hit recently
-98% stun avoidance when channeling
-20% less damage taken if not hit recently
-3 endurance charges and fast generation after triggering Immortal Call (Smashing Strikes)
-Big life recovery vs multiple mobs from Life Gain on Spell Hit ring affixes, see more later

I will link you to 2 CoC Ice Nova Assassin guides on this forum if you want to learn more about the mechanics of this skill. That's where I've learned it. I would just be copying them if I were to rewrite it here. Shout out to the authors

Before I link you my gear and passive tree, please be aware that there's a lot of things you can change around. Some key points though:

-Cospri is needed for triggering frostbolts. Link Frostbolt to power charge on crit support if you don't have other means of generating power charges (for example crusader affix on chest). Link it with one of the extra projectile supports or use

-Pandemonius is great for dps but even more importantly it gives us blind on hit, which we need to stay at 95% evasion

-Mistwall is an amazing shield for us. We don't get hit often so after blocking a hit we will be back to 75% block chance (even with acrobatics!) before the next hit comes most of the time

-2 rings with 18 life gained on spell hit each is my choice of recovery. It is so good. That's 36 life for a spell hit. We trigger 2 ice novas (from frostbolts) every 1/10th of a second. Thats 720 life recovery per second vs single target. Versus 10 targets, like it often is in delve, its 7,2k/s
You will see how well it recovers life in one of the videos I'll link.

-get Cooldown Reduction either in one place out of boots/belt/awakened coc gem, and have it at 14%+. Or get it at all 3 places and have it at 52%+. You definitely want to aim for the 52%+ in the end since it's so easy to get 10.1 aps as a Raider. (read guides I've linked above for more info)

-When you're at 14-51% Cooldown Reduction you need to change the passive tree and drop all the attack speed nodes to stay close to 7.57 aps for optimal dps (read guides I've linked above for more info). When you're at 52%+ CDR you want to stay close to 10.1 aps.

-When changing the gear, passive tree, or gems, do so trying to keep your cyclone at 100% hit chance and 100% crit chance (with flasks active for me)

-Try to get more base evasion on your gear than I have. Mine is pretty sad. I still have 95% evade with flasks vs blinded enemies, but you could improve your chances with no flasks or blind.

My gear and gems, it's not really, really, min-maxed since it's SSF and I don't have patience/luck/currency to upgrade it more at this point. Still, I've spent quite some time on it:

My current PoB, it's quite fluid, I've done like 10 big respecs already:

I don't usually take videos but hopefully these are ok. No sound.

A8 Veritania, dies in a few seconds

Random ilvl 83 heist

Fiery node with exploding dogs at delve 998 and no burning ground immunity set in pantheon. It shows how good the life recovery from ring affixes is

Another delve node at 997

Aul at 425, kinda gave up actively dodging stuff halfway through

Well, that's it for now. Don't know what more to write. I'll add stuff later if needed.

Give it a try, it's fun

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