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Endeavor, the lost tales. The new heist league

Hello fellow PoE players,

and welcome to the private heist league

Endeavor, the lost tales

Since the current league got extended to mid-January, we will start a new heist league for the remaining time by today. This league will be served to you with the following spices for extra excitement:

- Increased Monster Damage II
- Increased Monster Life II
- Increased Monster Elemental Damage I
- Additional Monster Projectiles I
- Famine
- Reduces Player Resistances II


But this is not all.

We want to give Endeavor, the lost tales, an own theme, an RP feeling of adventures exploring together this remarkably dangerous world.
For that, we would like you to choose a character name that might fit a living world. So, KillorRoXXor 007 must stay home.
This also is a league for beginners; heck, we are beginners ourselves. If you are new to PoE, you are very welcome and do not fear the extra spice of the setup; it`s there for the great adventure and the fun.

The setting:

Since you woke up on the beach and somehow made it to the first encampment of civilization alive, you not only found out that many dangers surround you but that you are not the only survivor that made it to the encampment. Sitting together at a campfire, you can see that your numbers are few, and considering that the rumors of the outside world are the mere bearer of bad news, grouping up and working together might be the only option right now to stay alive.

In other words, we would like to encourage you to group up and have fun playing together by keeping up the theme of this league. Experience your tale and that of your fellow players.
Become a trader, an explorer, a treasure hunter, an owner of an inspiring hideout where you hold meetings and do the planning for the next adventure, become a leader, a loyal warrior, and friend, a mage who groups up to find more knowledge in dangerous places, or do it for the glory to be the mightiest of all of the survivors.
Whatever it may be, let us hear of your great adventures at the campfire.

The technical:

The league's setup is already paid for, and we have some extra slots for people who cannot afford to contribute to slots for new players when they take one. We would, however, appreciate it if players contribute towards the founding of additional slots.
Somewhat about 6 points each would be great. If someone wants to contribute more points, we will happily put it to good use for this league.

Our Global Channel is: #55555

And the discord server is to be found at

That would be all,

We hope to see you all at

Endeavor, the lost tales.

Edit: Invite link is updated. 11.22.2020. New slots added.
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Reserved for future updates.

If you like to chat and talk, you may find me at
where I stream pure for fun and as a hobby.
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It might be a good idea to add a global chat for this private league, eg. global 7007, and how about a discord server? Unless you think that's too out of character with the whole roleplay theme
I wanted to join the discord for the league, but your invite link is invalid. Could you please update it (you can set the link to not expire, and probably should if you're going to make it public)?


(Erimesi, Erim_Nelhah, Erim_Mella in league)
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hi, i will update it :)

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