[3.12]Durimon's CRAZY MELEE Elemental Hit Berserker, 8 ex, Tanky, FAST, Melting and FUN!

This is an extremely cheap and fun build that can be also played for starter.

The concept is to make CLASSIC Melee build that has no difficult key control, feeling of true "POP POP" blowing and with extremely high efficiency.

As you can see on video clip below, you won't believe the speed of mapping, fast mapping, boss melting speed and how fun it is to blow a bunch with only one single mouse click. These are done with poop-claws you usually throw away when get dropped.

Budget : 8 ex


Fast Minotauer Map-run (less than 1 min.), Facetaking Bosses including Hydra with bubbles, Melting Conquerors, Sirus kill :


POB Link and English Guide:


Updated Version (around 28 ex)

100% Delirium with Full-Farming Mods (beyond, nemesis, breach...etc) :

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Look interesting, what make the build tanky? You only have 4k life and tank endgame boss is this because of frost shield/molten shell alone? Don't you be oneshoot often? DPS look crazy ^^

Fly safe,
hi durimon amazing build , 1 question whats the best way to leveling as league starter for this build?
Not so much information about the build at all. Not everyone is pro player here to understand all without a complete build :)

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