[3.12] AcroBlock Gladiator RF+Molten Strike

Regen and block and dodge tank

Specially good for syndicate

My gear

Molten strike is not doing big damage, but survivability is very nice
I did safe house mastermind, very good survivability

Can be played with or without RF

100% increased burning damage


100% increased Burning Damage if you've Ignited an Enemy Recently


Gloves: RF + Elemental Focus + Increased Burning + Efficacy
Helmet: Molten Strike + Fortify + Combustion + Multistrike
Boots: Flame Dash (lvl1) + Arctic Armor + Vitality (lvl 16)
Sword: Riposte + Lesser Poison + Chance to Bleed
Shield: Tempest Shield (lvl1) + CWDT (lvl1) + Immortal Call (lvl1)
Unset Ring: Purity Of Fire (+2)

Skill Tree


At lvl 82
62/62 block after acrobatics and phase acrobatics
Around 4.8K life

Really having fun, repeated syndicate around 20 times standing still :)
Last bumped on Jan 16, 2021, 1:37:49 AM
Any videos of the build?

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