stash tab affinity suggestion

I do like my maps to go to the map tab when i'm on currency tab. That's great. But i also like to ctrl-click my map when i'm on currency tab to craft it. At the moment i have to choose.

So what i suggest is make a toggle-off key. For example you have tab affinity on, you ctrl-click and item obeys tab affinity, but if you ctrl-shift-click in ignores tab affinity and goes to exact tab you are on at the moment. Or make a key in inputs that turns affinity on and off. 1st option is far better IMO.

That map crafting situation is not the only time it will be useful, but most common for me. I think it would be great improvement.

BTW - the fact that you can't use currency from public currency tab is BS. MB you should also make so to set price on an item you should do shift-right-click, not just right-click.
Last bumped on Nov 21, 2020, 2:56:35 AM
Oh yes.

Great idea.

Might even be the other way around where you have to use shift to use the affinity option. That way, the interface is the same when your affinities are off or on.
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I second this.

But ctrl-shift-click is used for npc trading,
buying a stack of currency

alt-shift-click or altGR-shift-click are unused
as far as i know

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