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***EndGameGear**# GG Legacy Corrupts#1 Crit-Impale Maxblock Amu #GG Watchers Eyes

Hi guys and welcome to my small but fancy assortment of EndGameGGear.

~price 1 mir

legacy crit mult maxblock amulet. 50ex fee

GG Corrupts and GG Watchers Eye

~price 500 exa
~price 1 mir

~price 135 exa

second hand mirrored items cheap

~price 115 exa

~price 100 exa

#1 Herald of Agony Helmet
essence crafted extra conversion. doesnt get any better. also has extra 5% reservation for moar Auras

50ex fee

#1 ShockonMaxblock Shield

#1 Maxblock Life Minion Speed amulet

now has Ravenous Horde annointed for insane boosts

great maxblock amulet

perfectly rolled 100% Conversion/Damage Greatwolf

Weapon Range for the even greater radius

Legacy +2 Weapon Range OP

legacy endu charge corrupt

Mirror Service (each 20ex bromirrordeal)

#1Maxblock Amulet- provides everything you need, lets you avoid The Anvil and even comes with a nice IQ for moar loot

Mirrored/Collectors Gear second hand op mirrored stuff i sell cheaper as i have changed build

OP Greatwolfs

doesnt get better than this! +2 AOE AND Increased MaxBlock for easy overcapping


GG Helm Enchants on god bases

Mirror at your own Risk

Life Endgame Rings(Life based. Steel and Opal). Some Highlights here, rest in spoiler tags:


Energy Shield Endgame Rings (Steel and Opal Rings, Res Ring -ES based with soon Legacy %ES) Highlights, rest in Spoiler tags


Stay sane, Exile
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