[3.12] 90 Rage Dual Strike Berserker. Varunastra + Rigwald Savagery. MEME + CHEAP + BIG DEEPS

Hey guys, I left this league early but decided to come back to try out a meme build. Wasn't sure how it would turn out but I've been pleasantly surprised.

Wanted to do dual strike cause I haven't played dual strike since closed beta and decided to meme it up. So I decided to go rage zerker with Rigwald's Savagery and Varunastra cause...I mean this meme wouldn't be complete without the threshold jewel right? Right!?!?! YEP. I'm not using Replica Conqueror's Efficiency because I feel its a bad gem and % life/crit multi/atk speed is better. Shame there is no Harvest in Heist so I can't go FULL 110 rage with Bear's Girdle. PepeFuckingHands Sadge

I wasn't sure how it would turn out and if the toon would hit like a wet noodle. To my surprise the dmg is actually damn good. I did shaper guardians yesterday just to test out the deeps and it was a breeze.

I will post a better guide Soon^tm. Still lvling the character and just 91 right now. My gear is budget and the extra budget version (regular 6L chest with no "attacks have.." and no tailwind boots still nets BIG DEEPS.


I use 3 items to generate rage at the start of a map. Soul Mantle, Chains of emancipation, and astramentis (or a proxy amulet which takes you over 134 int so you can equip soul mantle)

I equip astramentis to go over 134 int. Then I equip soul mantle. I cast my ancestral warchief until I curse myself with temp chains. Then I equip my regular chest back. I equip chains of emancipation until the temp chain curse expires. Once it expires I get 80 rage (regular ammy is annointed with berserking so missing 10 rage). I then proceed to re-equip soul tether and regular ammy, and I start the map up with 80 rage and easily get the remaining 10 :)

For now I leave you with my current gear and pob.

NOTE on PoB: Pob Doesn't show my 24% chance to deal double dmg on exerted attacks. Doesn't recognize Phantasmal Dual Strike's 10% more added dmg. Or rallying cry's dmg buff very well. So my dmg is actually higher.

7.35mil x 1.24 (doulbe dmg) = 9.114 mil.
I don't know how to calculate the 10% more added dmg on phantasmal dual strike, but my dmg is over 9.114 mil

Current Pob at 91: https://pastebin.com/rxngw4M1
Character: Rage_of_the_Berserk


I will try to upload a guardian kill today when I get around to it just so you can have a visual of the build.
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Sounds like fun! Looking forward your video. Please show mapping video as well ;)

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