Oriath/HO/event panel access to sarn arena

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Last bumped on Nov 10, 2020, 12:27:54 AM
While yall at it, please bring Leo back too or a new PVP npc. Preferably with PVP quests like old times..
That way the PVP ladder would actually make sense? Yea.. I think so too

yah yeet!

Forum PVP is the True PVP!
Special Olympics / SDE 2021
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Both to access to Sarn Arena and PVP Quests

I really enjoyed when a larger subset of players would visit Sarn Arena or join the PVP queue every other day depending on the quest

It is the only thing I enjoy really, outside of that there is no joy in my life (I tried gold, adult entertainment, food, pharmaceuticals, relationships -- nothing else does it)

If Path of Exile 2 marks the end of access to Sarn Arena I'll have to go play some other game instead, and that other game won't be as nice because I truly believe Path of Exile is paving the way ahead in the ARPG genre -- it is just lacking in keeping PVP viable, and without PVP killing endless hordes of uneven power level mobs lacks any sort of motivation, PVP is the true end game

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