[3.12] Replica Trypanon Champion

Hello, Hello

TL:DR - Replica Trypanon + Taunt + Worthy Foe (Champion) = Never Miss.

Video of build in action:


Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/QjG7LaP0

I'll keep it short - I don't know how to do all the fancy video/image stuff; I'll leave it to the person who makes the build better.

Idea is simple: Replica Trypanon gives -5000 Accuracy. Worthy Foe, on Champion, makes it so Enemies Taunted cannot Evade Attacks. Therefore, Warcry the living hell out of everything to trigger taunt.

Next, I took CaptainLance9 on Youtube's use of a previous Trypanon build; link here:


Basically, to get damage, you use Wrath and Smite, and stack them both with Supreme Ego, Blood Magic, and Mortal Conviction. Abyssus and Marylene's Fallacy gives you massive crit multiplier.

While Replica Trypanon is cheap, some of the cluster Jewels I think are essential are expensive (particularly getting Mob Mentality - a must).

I'll add this was not a league starter - I straight up bought everything. Not sure how strong it is as a league starter, especially in new leagues when we don't know the accessibility to Replica Uniques.

However, slamming and auto crit/shock is a blast, but it is certainly a very clunky build (Notice Enduring Cry without Call to Arms). Especially clunky during during boss fights, but has good sustainability, in my opinion.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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