Our players never cease to amaze us not only with their builds but also with the Path of Exile inspired fan art they create. We've selected several entries recently submitted to our forum and social media as well as some Twitch clips that we found entertaining to share with the wider community. Check them out below!

Witch Cosplay by envatilea

Sirus Fan Art by SMOKOwita

'Hey Rookie!' by timqq

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Grinding Gear Games
ty GGG but pls keep ban bots and continue ban bots in next league too!

also polish more next league with adding more QOL pls!
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Sirus art is really good.
Very Nice!~
Nice art. Wish I had 1% of that talent.
cool i guess
Cool art, and lol that Ghazzy clip made it through.
Please more polish for next league , 3 months league with a 1 month wait for "fix" :/
Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it
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Some funny clips there...
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I like this kind of highlights.
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