[3.12] Landapandas' Insanely Budget Flame Wall Trickster | COSTS 30 CHAOS TO START | All Content

Hello X-Isle. Are you poor? Do you want a league starter that can somehow clear Shaper, Sirus, and Tier 16 maps on a roughly 30 Chaos budget?

Do you want to set the world on fire? But like, from a pretty far distance. Do you want to deal a bunch of elemental damage WHILE laughing at elemental reflect?


- Cheapest league starter I’ve ever played
- Can clear off screen
- Great for legion and blight
- Decent defenses / safe playstyle
- Can do any map mods (+ Shaper and Sirus down)

- Not hardcore viable (Can be one shot on occasion)
- Not an INSANE clearspeed (still respectable)
- Not an INSANE dps machine (still 1 mil ish)
- Balancing resistances can be actual hell (I’ll explain later)
- Does require two uniques (Hard for Solo Self Found)


Here is a video guide and showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uJ3XbrEECE

If you already know what you’re doing you can just jump into the Path of Building, but I feel like there need be some explaining first.

How does it work?

You place a flame wall down and shoot ball lightning THROUGH the fire. It does poop lightning damage but spread the DoT to anything and everything it touches. Since it’s DoT, we don’t die to reflect and ball lightning goes through proximity shields. Feelsgood.

SO. It’s cheap..? How does it do damage?

I use Hidden Potential and am wearing blue rags for free spell damage. The Base damage on Flame Wall is high so flat spell damage increase is significant. Pair that with high fire multi on weapon and we are POPPIN.

SO. It’s cheap..? How does it survive?

I have 200% life inc from tree, 100% es inc from tree, but a lot of defense comes from CWDT setup which even uses glacial cascade for knockback, Ghost shrouds are kinda insane, and most of the time you are far enough away/can hide behind frost wall so that you can avoid damage.

Path of Building:

(Am using community fork)

Order of importance:
-Get first jewel socket ASAP.
-After it doesn’t REALLY matter. Just go by feeling. I usually like getting some of the farthest nodes first (Arsonist, Breath of flames)
-Some things to leave for later would be jewel sockets and elemental overload (when you start leveling up your increased critical strikes gem)

Bandits = Kill All
Pantheon = A little bit weak to bleed and chaos damage. So Choose according to those.


Patient Reaper -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist -> Prolonged Pain

My Items

This is how the magic happens. Get it. Magic items. Flame wall is a DoT spell, so it scales really well off of flat percentage increase ESPECIALLY because its base damage is so high. So yep. You guessed it. Almost all of my items are blue. And Shaper died to that. LOL

Very cheap unique. Just get the highest roll you can for the lowest price. Fire DoT Multi is the best damage stat we can look for so this is a great start. We also do NOT care about links.

Blue armor. I made sure to have a crappy one to prove a point. Most expensive item in our build because all we want… Is any uncorrupted 6 Link armor with evasion or evasion/ES. We want uncorrupted so we can scour it and transmute and alt it until we are happy.

EVERYTHING else is just BALANCING FREAKING RESISTS MAN. Also getting as much life as possible. But all blue items. It is cheap as potato but freaking annoying as potato to purchase from humans. I have a yellow amulet just to get a little bit extra juicy defensive stats. It’s usually a great place to get it.

The rest of my blue garbage

Reasonable upgrades:

For remaining jewel sockets, just get a rare jewel with life, fire DoT multi, and then any stat that boosts damage. (damage while wielding two handed, spell damage, etc.)

Level 21 Flamewall (Pretty cheap)

Anoint "Divine Judgement"

Lastly, remember that each blue increases damage by 25%. So any upgrade is an upgrade if it has a damage increase higher than 25% or equalish + defensive stats.

Skill Gems

Flame Wall Setup: Flame Wall = Burning Damage = Concentrated Effect = Elemental Focus = Efficacy = Swift Affliction

Ball Lightning Setup: Ball Lightning(Level 1) = Greater Multiple Projectiles = Arcane Surge (Level 7to10 ish) = Increased Critical Strikes

Buffs/Curses: Malevolence, Herald of Ash, Flammability (Self Cast), Flame Golem

CWDT: Cast When Damage Taken, Immortal Call, Wave of Conviction, Glacial Cascade

Extras: Dash = Second Wind = Enduring Cry, Frost Wall

That's mostly it! I bought pretty much all my base gear after killing act 10 Kitava, and then slowly got the few minor upgrades (literally just jewels and lvl 21 flamewall). Levelling just dual wield Ashcaller and you’re fine.

Come check me out on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/landapandas, and click that follow button!

Thanks and I will try to answer questions in a timely fashion!
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Nice, unique Build :) which helm enchant did u recommen?
Will definitely check out this build once I'm poor, or really rich so I can make this a beast.
Wolve666 wrote:
Nice, unique Build :) which helm enchant did u recommen?

Honestly for the sake of cheapness probably none? LOL but you can get the enchant for flame wall deals % increased damage on any cheapest helmet, scour it, transmute, and alteration/augment craft until you have 2 good mods.
Juggle a couple of gem links and use EE will double the damage, conc effect also doesnt work on the flame wall burn.

Flame wall - Controlled - Burning - Efficacy - Swift - Ele Focus

Ball Lightning - Crit strikes - Gmp - Brutality

Brutality stops the Fire damage hit on ball lightning so you can proc EE on bosses using storm brand

stormbrand - hex touch - flamm

the hex touch can be moved to ball lightning if you get searing touch 6 linked

Flame dash - arcane surge - second wind - enduring cry

add combustion to wave of conviction for a bit more damage when it ignites

CWDT - Wave of conviction - Combustion - immortal call

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