[3.12] Proof of Concept - TR Necromancer - pop entire Heist Rooms with 10ex budget - all mods viable

First of all. I will not be able to stream and/or post videos, as my PC is a complete dogshit and won't be able to record properly. So if you guys are looking for a guide with videos and whatnot, this is not for you. Sorry.

Second of all. No fancy pictures and cat photos here. I cant/wont make pretty pictures.

Now that those are out of the way. I wanna share this build concept and hopefully you might get inspired or amused in a certain way.

Basically I made this build for speed mapping/speed heist clearing, 1 tap clears the screen with inpulsa, and the shock gets prolif thru Storm's Gift. Corpses get destroyed/consumed automatically so don't worry about corpse explosion.

This build can run all map mods. No regen can be shitty but doable since we gain mana from quillrain hits and ES recharges really quick with this setup.

useless rant
Originally I wanted a build that can speed clear Repository and Tunnel Heists since they are among the highest EXP/hour we can get without much investment and effort.

On my golemancer, after 2-3 minutes, the area is cluttered with hundreds of corpses and the FPS dropped to nothing. This makes me want to make something that can clear corpses and clear faster than my golemancer. I fooled around with HOT autobomber, melee with explody chest, etc etc until I came up with this. Granted, this is hardly original as Necro with Asenath Chant has been present for quite some time.

Toxic Rain Necro with Inpulsa

Toxic Rain is a funky skill that has shit tooltip DPS that makes people shy away from it. But scaled properly, it might have the most unethical sustained DPS for reasonable budget.

How do we scale TR?
- skill duration
- attack speed
- chaos dot multi

Necromancer ascendancy has:
- good skill duration (40% from Mistress of Sacrifice and the little node before it)
- good AOE (30% from Plaguebringer and the ease to get Blast Radius and the small nodes before it)
- attack speed (15% IAS just from flesh offering, and 2% IAS per corpse consumed. With Asenath Chant, we automate desecrate, VD and Flesh Offering automatically 3 times per second (cooldown is 0.3s)).
- WE scale chaos dot multi thru abusing the cluster jewels (we get 30% chaos dot multi per medium cluster with 4x Exposure Therapy + Brush with Death)

Why Necro is better than trickster

- bigger AOE (at least 30% bigger),
- guaranteed shock (15%),
- 10% less damage to enemies around corpses you spawn (plaguebringer)
- 10% more dmg to enemies around corpses you spawn (plaguebringer). With shock, it's a wash with prolonged pain
- better ES regen with essence glutton for harder mobs (not on kill)
- much higher sustained IAS

Why Necro is better than PF

- longer duration (at least 40% longer),
- The AOE increase for Necro applies for everything, not just your TR
- guaranteed shock (15%),
- 10% less damage to enemies around corpses you spawn (plaguebringer)
- 10% more dmg to enemies aound corpses you spawn (plaguebringer).
- much higher sustained IAS

CON of using Necro

- Squishy as we rely on ES, harder to min max good gear with good ES value
- not elusive/dodgy like trickster and PF, resulting in more dangerous mapping
- Kinda pigeonholed towards using ES due to Essence Glutton
- Burst DPS is lower as we need to ramp up corpse consumption
- screen clusterfuck cos Fuck VD and its raping the framerate

POB and nerd stats:


Use this for estimating actual TR DPS:

Unflasked, my number is at 6.1M DPS
With flasks up, my number is at 7M DPS (remove bottled faith if you want, it "only" adds 10% DPS)


Required to automate desecrate, VD and Flesh Offering (*)

Cheap Chest that lets you explode shit without spending 15ex+
Cost me 5-6ex to get this roll

Not absolutely needed, but it helps with the shock prolif, since we kill and move so fast, some mobs won't get shocked by default. This gloves allows us to prolif the shock for smoother chain explody.

Cheap boots with great ES

Just to fill in the STR/DEX as we are starved for them.
Anoint Exceptional Performance

Despair on hit. The VD meatballs seek out enemies and apply despair on hit in a pretty big AOE, guaranteeing everything cursed and despaired. (**)

Some shit ring with resists, open prefix so I can put -9 mana cost to help spam TR easier.

Quill Rain actually outperforms a multimodded bow pretty easily. (***)

Great ES as I am still using Inpulsa. Drop this for a proper Chaos Dot multi, dot multi, and additional arrow quiver if you wanna upgrade further


Cluster Jewels:
2x (Misery Everlasting & Wicked Pall)

4x (Brush with Death & Exposure Tolerance)

4x Energy from naught (+100 flat ES) as we are starved for ES/effective HP.


See Gear for the gem links.

* Keep VD at lvl 1 so you dont 1 shot yourself in reflect maps.

** Keep VD at lvl 1 so you don't 1 shot yourself in ele reflect maps. Remember to put desecrate first on the top left corner, as the trigger goes clockwise starting from top left.

*** Note that anomalous Mirage Archer gives +2 proj at negligible duration nerf, so it is BIS support for us.

*** With Quill Rain, Empower4 is no longer overwhelmingly better than other alternatives. Swift Affliction gives similar damage, so you can save 4ex on the gems.


I am stopping this proof of concept here as it has achieved what I wanted to achieve. But if you particularly enjoy the playstyle and the idea behind this, you can potentially bring this build to much higher ceiling.

- Grab explody chest. Best ES would be Vaal Regalia, but it would be a bitch to roll the proper colors, so you can settle with Carnal Armor (Dex/Int hybrid).
- Drop Storm's Gift, get a hunter sorcerer gloves with chaos dot multi, then put aspect of spider on it. You need to figure out a way to reduce mana reservation though.
- Grab better quiver that gives additional arrow, chaos dot multi, dot multi - might be crazy expensive tho this league. Will get easier when harvest comes.
- Grab better amulet with +1 dex, +1 chaos and (hopefully) malevolence mana reserve. This should triple your DPS but would cost 100ex+ this league.

discord id: dejuvenate#5828
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