[3.12] Lancing steel Paradoxica/Saviour Champion

Do you want to absolutely delete all content in the game?
Are you on a budget?
Looking for a fun and interactive build?
Or just looking for a severely underused skill to play with?

Look no further.

This is the build that does it all.

PoB (use fork):

Install fork:

The Build:



1. Pros and cons
2. The skill
3. Ascendancy
4. Leveling
5. Gear
6. Gems
7. Pantheon / Bandits

1. Pros and cons

Massive single target.
Permanent onslaught.
Permanent fortify.
All content (maybe not atziri/reflect maps, sorry prafer).
Huge scaling and minmax potential.
Massive life recovery through watcher's eye abuse.
Smooth/adaptable gameplay.
Build can be tailored to all your needs.

Not reflect immune.
Not one button or cyclone/summoner gameplay.
Some investment needed to feel good (saviour/paradoxica/lioneyes).
Core gear costs around 9ex as of today(28/10/2020).

2. The skill
The skill we will be using primarily in this build is lancing steel.

In 3.12 Heist league it got a significant rework and can now be described as barrage but using melee weapons rather than a bow. Note that the damage is still counted as projectiles even though we use swords. Making effects gained from sources like melee physical damage support and lions roar useless for us.

Lancing steel uses the steel shard mechanic gained from call of steel, a skill you automatically gain from socketing lancing steel into your gear. Lancing steel can consume up to 4 shards per attack causing it to fire 50% more projectiles per shard consumed.

By default Lancing steel fires 4 projectiles, fully empowered this causes 12 projectiles to fire. Additional projectile from other sources are also multiplied. This makes scaling lancing steel's damage incredibly potent.

Activating call of steal causes it to pull out shards from nearby enemies based on the ammount of impale stacks they were inflicted with, gaining a steel shard for each and replenishing them over 1.5 seconds.

3. Ascendancy

Our ascendancy choice is champion for a few reason:
The obvious synergy with impale and impale stack stacking. Yes.
Permanent fortify which we build around.
Champion also gives us a free banner and some aura effect that we invest mildly into.

4. Leveling

PoB: https://pastebin.com/JMvR6X7S

5. Gear

Current gear:

You do not by any means need this tier of gear to achieve upwards of 10 million of dps

Since this build is very flexible i will be covering a wide variety of gear choices, prices and other options. We will be focusing our layers of defences around armour and evasion. As such, try to avoid gear with energy shield as this does nothing for our build.

Prices are generally divided into three cathegories. Low, moderate and high.
The price point decides what you can afford too look for in the gear.


Enchantment(if you can afford):
Preferably the one with "Lancing steel fires an additional projectile".

Low: Life and resistance

Moderate: Life, resistance and an enchantment.

High: Life, resistance, enchantment and fortify effect (from iLvl 80+ crusader base)

Optional: Crown of the inward eye.

Other enchantments to look for:
Lancing steel deals 40% increased damage
Leapslam has 15% increased attack speed
150% Increased buff effect granted by your ice golem.



Low: Life and resistance 5L / Corrupted 6L with right colors (see 6. The gems).

Moderate: Lioneyes vision 5L

High: Lioneyes vision 6L

Extreme: +2 projectile gems Lioneyes 6L / Farruls fur 6L / Conqueror mods you can look for:
#% attack crit chance (elder/hunter)
-15 mana cost of attacks (warlord)
Powercharge on critical strike(crusader)
+1 curse(hunter)

Disclaimer: There is no harvest this league so a chest better than a lioneyes vision is hard to come by and not worth it in my opinion.


Low: Life and resistance

Moderate: Life and resistance, Gripped gloves base.

High:Life and resistance Gripped gloves with # added phys / projectile attack
damage (warlords influence mod).

Extreme: Hands of the high templar with atleast 2 of the following mods:
+1 to level of socketed gems,Juices up our aura settup and even buffs enlighten by a level.
Vulnerability on hit,optional since poachers is more single target damage but frees upp a socket.
Attacks have #% critical strike chance
%Inc lif


Low: Life and resistance (movement speed is optional here)

Moderate: life and resistance +1 pierce (movement speed)

High: life and resistance, +2 pierce (movement speed)

Extreme: life and resistance, +2 pierce. Chance to gain Tailwind/Elusive on critical strike

The +2 pierce can allow us to use a different chest piece other than Lioneyes vision without the need to socket in Pierce support. It also generally makes the clear better, especially in really juiced maps.

Rings: Good place for resistances

Low: Life and resistance

Moderate: Life and resistance # Added physical damage to attacks

High: Life and resistance # Added physical damage to attacks, Steel rings

Extreme: Life and resistances # Added physical damage to attacks Steel rings with critical strike multiplier (warlords influence)

Amulet: Good place for attributes. Annoint after budget & needs
(true strike/assassination/whispers of doom)

Low: Life&res

Moderate: Life&res added phys

High: Life&res added phys & critical strike multiplier

M I N M A X E D:Life and resistance,# Added physical damage to attacks, #% critical strike multiltiplier/chance (warlords) and fortify effect (essence of horror).

Belt: Good place for resistances

Low: Life and resistance / Perserverance Unique belt

Moderate: Life and resistance stygian + Eye jewell

Optional: Perserverance with #% to all resistances corruption



NEEDED: Lord of steel with use speed. Preferably the one with impale overwhelm and % inc reflected damage.

High: Transcendent flesh / watchers eye life gain on hit while affected by vitality.

Extreme: impales last for 2 additional hits while using pride

High/extreme: Rare jewells with: % Life / critical strike multiplier for: Global / While Dualwielding / With one handed melee weapons

Optional:Replica conquerors efficiency for reduced mana cost, rare jewells with res/attributes as needed.


Only real required one is a life flask, bubbling or panicked with bleed immunity.
Also always use a diamond flask since we're crit based

Pick and choose, depending on budget and needs: Quicksilver flask / Dying sun / Bottled faith / Rumis conconction.

6. Gems:

Gems, in order of importance:

Main skill: Lancing steel - Impale support - Brutality - Vicious projectiles - Slower projectiles - Maim / Pierce ( If you dont have a lioneyes vision or other sources of pierce the skill will feel much worse, so use Pierce in that case).

4L-Auras 1: Pride - Herald of purity - Flesh and stone - Enlighten

3L-Auras 2: Vitality (1) - Dread banner - Precision ( Optional, depending on level of enlighten and mana cost of lancing steel)

3+1L-CWDT / Portal: Cast when damage taken - Blood rage - Ice golem /// Portal

3S-Utility: Ancestral protector - Enduring cry - Molten shell

4L- Movement: Leapslam - Faster attacks - Culling strike - Blood magic

7. Pantheon / Bandits

Major: Soul of lunaris mainly for chain immunity since we have some summons we dont wanna get chain-shotgunned by.

Minor: Garukhan, Gruthkul or Shakari. Up to personal preference really.

Bandits: Help alira.

Feel free to leave questions or feedback in the comments. Until next time!

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This looks pretty good. Will we get some action video as well?
Videos are coming soon yeah.
Thumbs up for this build/guide. I'm only lvl 62 and Lancing Steel feels so busted, even more busted with the savior sword.
Leveling this build now and it feels really good. Do you think it can be used to reach lvl100 without going crazy? I am rolling with MS Jugg, it's unkillable but slower than a turtle with diarrhea lol, this build feels much more dynamic but not sure about defences. Also did you though about moving watchers to jewel slot near point blank and in the one near Golems blood to put thread of hope to allocate disciple of slaughter, disciple of unyielding, fury bolts and versatile stance? Just theory-crafting here as I'm not sure about my resists at end-game but will try to fit that. Another potential tree adjustment would be to drop the life node near Heart of the Warrior and allocated Forceful Skewering node, but that requires siding with Eramir for extra 2 passives which again comes down to gear quality and resists but would be a huge DPS boost.

Anyway, enjoying this a lot so far, thanks for the guide and effort :)
I will try this build, it looks well rounded. Only problem I see is the chaos resistance for endgame content. Did you have any problems? Would you not suggest to go atleast for positive chaos resistance?
This is basically spacelord's Spectral Throw Build, but with Lancing Steel instead. I noticed that the trees were nearly identical when I switched to my Spectral Throw character to grab my Transcendent Flesh jewel from it.

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