[3.12] Kurcohista's COC Ice Nova Trickster (WIP)

Hi, this build took inspiration from multiple builds across forums and it is my 3rd iteration of trying to make COC Ice Nova, so far this one was my best try. You can do everything T16 maps except elemental reflect

I wanted to share this build as it can clear a lot of content, but there is still some stuff where I struggle with it, simply not knowing full mechanics of some bosses makes my reaction like wth just happened.. but it should work, compared to a lot of Ice nova builds i had tried to make it work with cheapest amount of gear(at start).

Since in Heist league the EX-s & Chaos became volatile in regards that's impossible to determine the real price of build, If we were looking at standard rate of 1 EX for 100 chaos, current price of this build would cost around 5-10 EX(to start mapping you can go way cheaper and then you progress and upgrade the gear as you, mostly you need sword and shield, or dw swords and you are ready to go), it is still not done cause we are still missing alternative Determination(which goes for 15-20 EX which I hope someday I will finally buy,I did Sirius without it,but it would make it easier.

This build can be made as ASSASSIN(original idea came from it,would be more DPS), but it requires some workaround as you no longer have 0 mana spent of movement speed spells so you will probably need either rings which reduce channeling cost of spell or work around in the tree with it. It also makes your ES go down considerably as we are loosing Ascendancy bonus.

Pros & Cons
+Decent clear
+high evade
+high ES
+60% physical reduction(divergent determination)for final build
+Chaos Immune(easier gearing)
+600 ES regen + recharge + 772 es leech
+curse immune
+culling strike
+stun immune
+99-100% chance to freeze stuff = GOOD CC

-Elemental reflect no go( use sextant to bypass it)
-not Ailment immune,dots tend to be pain in ...
-struggling with resistance(alot of uniques)


As I updated this tree as I went it went numerous versions and orbs or regret trying to min max stuff, 2x thread of HOPES ( they are not expensive) are probably not needed but they make it way simpler to get some str and dex near templar area and save us some points we need to get to 155 str and 212 dex to use determination and cospri swords so thats something you can eithe get from gear or from tree your choice this was simply the best way in my opinion.
Thread of hope on witch are is super good and it complements COLD BUILDS immensely I would recommend for any kind of builds which involve COLD damage. The drawback is less resistances which could become a problem.
Watcher eye was bought for 12 chaos(good ones are extremely expensive) and it was really cheap but it gets us some armour and crit so we are close to 100% crit chance with Ice nova and 71% with cyclone,
Energy from within is great but could be replaced with better jewel, it was decent to start and once you get high enough ES you can think more DPS wise.
Frozen trail jewel atleast 1 is needed so we get better AOE clear and more projectiles to spam Ice nova. I was using 2 until I switched to watcher Eye

Path of Building

Ascendancy route, the reason we first go ghost dance/escape artist is so we can get high enough ES so we can switch to chaos Inoculation and be more defensive, IF you are really good geared with lvling and stuff and you want to clear content faster go the other 2 but weave of arcane is gonna be needed asap if you are having trouble keeping your mana, I personally didn't take Chaos Inoculation until I started doing t10 maps, then slowly you will start seeing more and more need on high tier bosses the need for chaos resistance.
Its a progression system where you just don't go full lvl 95 talent tree point and think this is the gear you need and it will work you need to get it suited to comfortable playstile, especially if you are going Dual wielding you tend to play more carefully, around curses and harder bosses, when you get shield then its more relaxed but your dps goes down a bit.
If you are trying to copy the tree build for yourself just use the shortest path to get to templar area first thru middle of the tree, later switch thru scion area.



the most common weapon for this type of build is Cospri Malice swords(bought for 37/40 chaos early in the league), now in this league I started with DW these if you are lacking dps especially when you transition to maps or you have AURABOT with you you might want to run DW for more dps, If you start to die or struggle with ES and resistance switch as soon as possible to Weapon and Shield( lvl 93 i switched from dw to sword and shield as I started to fail considerably)

Now the 3rd gem that i used for this was FROSTBITE support which i moved into my vortex setup when I was running 3 curses, when i got comfortable with ES I just moved around curses from it and into the Vortex, I have seen people running another Ice nova in the sword and stuff like that, Its basically your choice, I tried running couple of gems and I am still not happy with what frost bomb and frostbolt should be supported, looking for best way to deal with it. I might eventually move back Frostbite and go for 3rd curse depending on circumstances.


So far the most expensive item I ever bought... IT was 330 chaos to 600 chaos going really expensive(EX was 35 c at that point) i bought decent one missing really minimum percentage to max roll, you can go rare craft until you get this one with shaper modifier going for less mana reservation so you can run all your auras.

Unless you are running rare mana reservation shield which could be cheaper than this you will need enlighten here, it makes us go to 39mana left so we can cast vortex and debuff the enemy with curses. Divergent Precision is nice for 10% extra damage, we are looking for Anomalous Discipline which we still need to buy(roughly 40c) so we can get more damage on full energy shield, i prefer atm VAAL Discipline for defensive purposes


Hand down best helmet for our build and works REALLY good with gems in it and I will explain why later, around 40sh chaos. Its just really good for starting

As I am still lacking Divergent Determination which going now 15 EX atleast last time I checked I am using regular determination to get me to 21% physical reduction, with enhance support and divergent Determination on this helmet we can get to 26% of conversion of our evasion to armor which is insane in this league and that is why its so expensive this league...
Herald of Ice with enhance support gets us to 41% increase cold damage
and finally regular zealotry I am still looking whats better if we go for anomalous we get 13% crit multiplier which is really good damage wise, if we go divergent we get 1% life regen which is ES regen for more defense, Its your choice I am leaning towards the crit multiplier as we are having already good es reg,recharge and leech


Tehnicaly you can run different chest, a rare which would have extremely high evasion/ES would work, but for 100 chaos geting a 6link which gets you extra curse and ability to hexproof and works extremely well with our Ascendancy this is no brainer

Here we are still looking for COC upgrade to awakened but they tend to be expensive and that would give us cooldown recovery which is something we should AIM, but its not a priority, on path of building I was looking what would give the most dps and although there are way better gems DPS wise they are not so versatile or they have drawbacks, I am still trying to figure why Hypothermia is giving us more DPS there while geting only 39% extra damage against chilled enemies while our culling strike is giving us 40% so something to look into and ofcourse we are getting more attack speed, so IF you are going for APS min maxing for COC you could play with it, did I mention you have Culling strike? so you only need to get 90% of any mob HP to kill it and SHATTER IT :D.
Cyclone i Prefer vaal(SUCKY SUCKY BLING BLING is the term i use where you suck everything and if you are really unlucky and don't get crit there is high chance you will die then) although you can get one with 5% movement speed which would be better in general and less stupid. I often switch extra crit for item rarity on some bosses when going low hp cause why not.


Hands down the most versatile gloves i found for my builds, I use them almost everywhere, they are cheap to get( 1 - 10 chaos), can get curse on hit for more expensive ones, solves our accuracy problem(with 600 int we are getting 1.2k flat accuracy from gloves) considerably( you can probably get godlike rares out there but for starting the build these are the ones I would get)

The point of vortex for most of my builds is to debuff the enemy and here with 2 curses it works as a charm we have almost 29% extra effectiveness if I got my calculations right and it brings the enemy resistance to cold damage by -100%ish maybe even more,so it has good synergy all around IF we were to get frostbite and elemental weakness on HIT somewhere ELSE we COULD change this, these gloves can get those so looking for corrupted ones would be decent thing to do, but as it stands atm I am looking for different and higher priority upgrades.ALSO IT WORKS REALLY GREAT as you don't need to stop and cast and just hold left click for it to go off constantly


cheap(1-10 chaos), simple, effective, you can get other boots out there but these give us dex stats I couldn't find any other boots on market that would come close to what these give unless we get rings/amulets/belts that would fix that problem

cast when damage take supported with ice golem and immortal call nothing much, for future thinking of replacing, lets say i have some ideas since I am way overcapped on accuracy atm,also Blind support really great for survivability


until you can run zealotry and determination without sacrificing your other stats don't go for AULS, they tend to end up very expensive(90 chaos) depending what you looking for, I went for zealotry cause it reduces mana reservation to 0 and effectively giving so much especially with watcher eye, I would recommend rare amulet with tons of stats to get dex up so you can wield sword

Rings & Belt

The reason I combined these 3 gear items into 1 is that these are the final pieces of the build and they should be done in that order that you try to get max ES, RESISTANCES as possible, one of them should be unset so you can put your flame dash movement in there. These can go for as low as 1 chaos to extremely expensive, and of course as we are doing COC CYCLONE build we will eventually want that cooldown recovery for more dmg but at the time of writing it is still OK and I would recommend to read about thresholds what you need to go for it to work. If you have any ideas on what would be the best feel free to post below as I am still upgrading the character(it is still not done!!!)

Atleast of them has to be unset so we can use flame dash UNLESS we change something else on the build


Im generaly noob when it comes to flasks but charge on crit + immunity things that tend to immobilize/dot you should be priority. Rotgut is cheap and it gives us Onslaught so we clear stuff faster, Diamond flask I tried to craft on crit for charge but I dont think its possible there, so there might be different workaround for it or different way to do things might have to experiment still with these, these are cheap to make and mana flask is not needed unless you going for no mana regen so you can cast your vortex also its good anti bleed

My twitch channel where I usually play and where you can see gameplay of this build

Final thoughts

As this is still work in progress build and there are still upgrades to be had, like rings/belt which would get us to even 9k ES easily,some resistance min/maxing, divergent determination which is my current priority...Eventually even transitioning into full rare gear would not be a strange thing to do. But those tend to end up being really expensive and something out of reach to regular folks. This build is decent,can clear 90% of content needed, and its designed as a good CC especially coupled with minion/aurabot pal so you get even higher buffs and extremely high CC chance you will flourish. You can tank alot of stuff but do not try to tank the big Beams of death and usually dots can kill you
Youtube CHannel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Drezul

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