[3.12][glad] turtleleap - super cheap build only for heists

hello i add some supercheap build for heist which dont required ANY skill to use and allow you to watch movies on 2nd screen when you farm heists (done >1000 heists 81+lvl)

nearly indestructable
noob friendly
very cheap
could just jump through all traps in heist
lagsproof ;)
6l? nah u dont rly need it

0 dmg (you dont rly need to kill any monsters in heists)
need to leech xp on maps ;) (or just buy some breachstones and ask friend for a help [cheap 1/4 endgame grind]/play some normal build and than regret)

cost: base items about 100-150C



if u havent pob, than just search for character "noobbuildforboringheist" in my list (i have open profile)


6200 life (could be much more) (+10k molten shell/30k vaal molten shell)
resists 78/78/78/75
armour 35k (unbuffed)
block chance 64% (81% with tempest shield after 14blocks) [full dmg block]
extra crit dmg -75%


i use lunaris and gruthul (without any upgrades cus its still indestructable)


i help Kraityn for more attack and movement speed, but if u need to be more tanky than you could help oak

gem setup:

leap slam+faster attack+fortify

decoy totem with empower(lvl 3 is more than enough) and enhance (lvl 3 is more than enough)

riposte+hextouch+enfeeble+empower (lvl 3 is more than enough)
dread banner + determination+flesh and stone + enlighten (lvl 3 is more than enough)

enduring cry + molten shell + second wind + increased duration

tempest shield + chain + increased duration (i use it on 6l with additional life leech, ice bite and added cold dmg but trully it just for fun ;) )

other possibilies/usefull gems:
merge leap slam with hextouch and enfeeble (and inc aoe)
void sphere - amazing crowd controll in alert part


shield - core item - some shield with %life recovery on block, life and armour are welcome.

cheapest way to get nice one: buy ilvl 86 colossal tower shield with shaper influence (~20C) and spam with pristine fossil (shaper influence is better than warlord becouse could roll +x% to max resist, but you could get %life recovery on worlord one too)

amulet: +2% to max chance to block some life and resists are welcome. if u have too much currency allocate anointed flesh (2golden+indygo)

weapon: attack speed >2 some resists are welcome

belt: stygian vise with life and resists

gloves: rare with life and resists, attack speed and armour are welcome

boots: rare with movement speed, life and resists

helmet: rare with life and resists

rings: rare with life and resists

somewhere u need some bonus to int and dex

pots: life, granite, quicksilver, silver and mana. all with gain charge when you are hit by an enemy. granite will be nice with increased armour. on 1 pot you need immunity for bleeding

watchers eye - dont realy need. if you have too much currency than buy one with double determination (i use one with additional phys reduction and crit extra dmg reduction)

my current item cost: crafted shield (about 60-70C), amulet 20C, watchers eye 4ex, other items <=20C

i have far overcapped resists with this gear(190/185/148 without enduring charges) so You dont need to have so much resists on items

(-mana cost for nonchanneling skills is craft just cus im too lazy for using mana pot on no regen mod)

bad heists mods

The only dangerous mod on heist is less chance to block (only with machines enemies)
enemies cannot be taunted and chain are bad for some jobs but with some practice you could make it (or just roll it with league lootsplosion its just waste of time)

have fun


21.10 - add some comments and alternative gems
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yeah Leap Slam is OP for heists. Since most of the layouts I have seen have been on the diagonal so you get super big leaps.
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