Burn your enemies down in mesmerising blue flames with the new Stygian Flame Wall Effect! This cosmetic effect replaces the standard orange flame of Flame Wall with a bright blue one. Watch the video below or check out the Stygian Flame Wall in the store.

For a matching outfit, wear the other Stygian microtransactions, such as the Armour Set, Wings, Character Effect, Weapon and Weapon Effect. Alternatively, the Dark Magic Armour Set and Wings would also fit the colours of your new Flame Wall Effect.

Thanks for your support!
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Guess my league starter next league gonna be something something flame wall :P
ghostflame next
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Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
party rock is in the house tonight
my league starter will always be fireball + flamewall trickster until you nerf it
Why is it blue?
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It would be really cool if we also had a blue fireball :))

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