[3.12] Dynamite Instability Skeletons guide, destroy all content. Low and high budget


Hi everyone, this guide will show you how to play my version of instability skeletons. The character is meant to melt any content thrown at it whilst remaining tanky. There is nothing worse than farming for hours just to randomly die and lose your progress. The guide will contain League-Start friendly gear setup (still working on it), the setup I'm currently playing with, as well as the setup I'm still working towards that should push the build tankiness even further (still working on it). I am not looking to scale the damage much further as there is already more than enough to comfortably kill any content in the game.

Pros and Cons

Very tanky for a summoner
Consistent damage output
No reliance on flasks
Most map mods doable
Cheap to start
Sky is the limit

No regen maps require a mana flask
BiS gear can be rare



The build is based around Minion Instability keystone. The damage scales with both Minion health and Minion damage, as well as any added elemental damage support gems. Summon skeletons is our basic clearing tool and Vaal Summon Skeletons is there for the times we need to drop a nuke. We are also using Solar Guard Spectres to ignite enemies as well as added passive damage. The zombies are there to block any random projectiles that make it our way. Animate guardian is also in the setup to provide us with more tankiness and add extra damage as well as very useful Culling Strike for bosses. This creates an easy one-button playstyle.

Bone barrier
Vaal molten Shell
Vaal Discipline
20+k armour buffed
100k effective life
Zombies meat shield to block projectiles
Fortify from guardian
Chaos res capped
Elemental ailments immune
Stun immune

My current gear:

Weapons are a locked slot, you need those to consistently proc Minion Instability.

Helmet needs minion damage, concentrated effect and minion life.

Left ring slot is also locked for Profane Proxy to apply our Flammability.

Belt is arguable but I found Darkness Enthroned to be the belt that gives us an opportunity to get some valuable bonus damage

Alternate Quality Gems

Anomalous golem gem increases the effect of the golem buff which is a free bonus.

Anomalous Raise Spectre increases our minion survivability.

Anomalous Infernal Legion will make our skeletons die faster increasing our DPS.

Divergent Animate Guardian will give him extra HP for survivability.

Remember that all of these are bonuses and are absolutely not needed to start playing this build.

Map Mods
All except Elemental Damage Reflect.

Mindless Aggression - Unnatural Strength - Bone Barrier - Plaguebringer

Fortress Covenant, From Dust, Glorious Vanity of Doryani, Ghastly Eye Jewels, Watcher's Eye.

Check POB for placements. From Dust is purely for convenience and creates a pace of play as it will summon 8 Skeletons and our cap is 8. Glorious Vanity can get expensive and should be acquired when you can, its not a necessity. The mods to look for in the Watcher's Eye are Inc. Phys. Dmg. Reduction with Determination, Inc. Armour with Determination, and %mana as ES with Clarity.

Path of Building
This build was made in the Path of Building Community Fork and uses features that do not work in regular path of building. Please google "pob community fork" as you need to have the community fork to use the links.

Current Setup


Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Shakari

Coming soon!

Animate Guardian Gearing
Coming soon!


Act 8 Solaris Temple Solar Guards.

Use Summon Skeletons as clear tool, use Stormbrand on bosses to proc EE, use Vaal Summon Skeletons when you need damage boost/bosses. Bind Bone Armour to movement button for highest uptime. Vaal Molten Shell when you are facing tough packs or you expect a burst of damage (we don't use normal molten shell skill), Flame Dash between packs/avoiding stuff.

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