MinusFormality Stream - Endgame content/crafting/theorycrafting/help & more!

Aloha people!

I'm Chris "MinusFormality" and I've started my venture into streaming about 3 weeks ago.
I'm currently playing Golemancer CGolems 90% All res, 60m+ DPS, but I'll be trying new builds soon.

I am always up for some grinding, chatting and having fun as much as I can! I may be able to assist you on Sirus8 or bosses in general, maybe bench crafting if I'm not busy.

You'll mostly find me grinding currency, I might be trying new currency making techniques, 100% Deli Maps etc.

Feel free to drop by and say hello! Soon I'll try to get a specific schedule for my streams aswell.

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Lets go live bois! Drop say hello!

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