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What is the Plastic Project?

The "Plastic Project" is a project that I started, because i was getting bored from POE and the meta builds at the time, so i wrote a list about possible skills and build defining items, that i can make it into a build, even if it's just a meme build. However, most of the builds turned out pretty well. The twist with this list is that I usually choose the next build with a random line generator! In this series I will make guides for my so called 'Plastic Project' builds. I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Here you can check out the list, that i update after every 'Big' patch notes (for possible new builds, and also the new skills) : The list

Welcome to my build guide!

In this build I used the Supreme Ostentation keystone from the Elegant Hubris timeless jewel. With the keystone you are able to use gems and items, without worrying about the attributes. With this idea in my head, I thought about using the new Blunderbore body armour, because it requires a lot of strength that we could bypass with the keystone!

But what skill?
I wanted to make a melee-slam type of build with this armour in my head, especially with those shrine effects that's granted from the armour itself. So I chose the Sunder. I tried to scale as much AoE as I could to make it feel less clunky and to be a beefy boy!

On the budget side of the build, with the gears I got, It's around 10 ex with the current prices. You can get the build rolling with like 10-15c though.

I recommend using Path of Building Community Fork.

Crystal Ore T16 map <---------Click
Delve Depth ~143 <---------Click
Aglity Contract <---------Click

The Ascendancy

1.Unflinching: The best option for the Normal lab, because you can get very tanky just by getting constantly Endurance charges from being hit. It's good for leveling, I highly recommend it!

2.Unstoppable: For Cruel lab It's the most recommended Ascendancy node for the build. You have such a low attack speed, and you can get interrupted and even stunned during an attack animation. It is realy annoying trust me. So just grab this node and feel free to attack as slow as you can!

3.Unbreakable: This is the ultimate defense node. It gives you a lot of flat armour too, due the fact that our Body armour has almost 1700 armour. It also gives you less damage taken, and all the good stuff.

4.Unyielding: Gives you increased AoE and damage for every Endurance Charge. It is very worth using, almost the only damage node besides the Accuracy one, so pick it. The reason that I pick this lastly is that I had more than enough damage to kill everything.

Swapping: You can swap these node freely, for e.

Leveling and Final Tree

The Pastebin includes both of the leveling trees and the final tree.

Click here for the Pastebin
Click here for the Full Character


We take a bunch of axe and warcry node on the tree. We are utilizing the mentioned Supreme Ostentation keystone, so we don't get any life from Strength, wich is very bad, but we can compensate it. You should be able to spam your warcries with the Second Wind support, so you get all the benifits from the warcry nodes!

We are using the new Call Of Steel skill, and therefor the Impaler keystone and other impale nodes, but I will talk about later in the 'Mechanics' section!

You should get the Supreme Ostentation keystone when you are well leveled enough to wear the Body Armour, because we are mainly use the keystone for Blunderbore!

Gem Links

Body Armour

5 link Sunder (In this order):

6 link Sunder:

Awakened Gems:
You can use Awakened Gems, they are realy strong, and makes you even more powerful! They are not cheap, this is why i didn't link them in here. These are the ones that you can use for this link:
-Awakened Brutality Support
-Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support

Alternate Quality Gems:
Instead of wasting currency on Awakened Gems, use Alternate Quality Gems! Even for support gems there are realy good, and well useable Alternate Qualities. Here is a list, what you can use in this link:

-Anomalous |Best|
-Phantasmal |So-so|
-Default |Not that great|

Brutality Support:
-Divergent |Best|
-Default |So-So|

Melee Physical Damage Support:
-Divergent |Best|
-Default |So-So|

Impale Support:
-Anomalous |Best| -see 'Mechanics' section

Fist of War Support:
-Anomalous |Best|
-Default |So-So|

Pulverise Support:
-Divergent |Best|
-Default |So-So|

Helmet, Boots & Gloves

The Helmet, the Gloves and the Boots links can be switched.


Preferably we use a Gull helmet, so it's easy to roll green socket on it. This way I used my Warcries and the Dash here, paired with the Second Wind support to be socket efficient.


I Used my casual Cast When Damage Taken setup here, with Immortal Call! You are Juggernaut, so feel free to use your Endurance Charges, you gain it back all of them nearly instantly. Also, in order to use the Call of Steel skill, you have to have a so called 'steel' skill, wich can be the following three: Splitting Steel, Shattering Steel, Lancing Steel. You don't have to use or even keep these skills on your Hotbar, but the Call of Steel itself. Later in the 'mechanics' section, i will teach you how to use it properly, if you don't know already! Please keep the Gems on the shown levels!


This is a setup which I use in most of my builds. And It's about using Blind as a mechanics. I see that not many people using it, but I think if you have enough socket to fit the support gem, you always should! Other than that, the Warchief is for boosting the boss Dps, with the granted more melee damage Please keep the Gems on the shown levels!

Alternate Quality Gems:
Instead of wasting currency on Awakened Gems, use Alternate Quality Gems! Even for support gems there are realy good, and well useable Alternate Qualities. Here is a list, what you can use in this link:

Seismic Cry:
-Anomalous |Best|
-Phantasmal |So-so|
-Default |Not that great|

Intimidating Cry:
-Anomalous |Best|
-Divergent |So-so|
-Default |Not that great|

-Default |Best|
-Anomalous |So-So|

Second Wind support:
-Anomalous |Best|
-Default |So-So|

Cast When Damage Taken Support:
-Anomalous |Best| - For the Immoral Call setup

Immortal Call:
-Default |Best|
-Divergent |So-so|

Increased Duration support:
-Default |Best|

Blind support:
-Anomalous |Best|

Summon Flame Golem:
-Anomalous |Best|


The best thing about our Atziri's Disfavour is that we can have our auras in the weapon due the fact that it gives +2 level to the socketed support gems. This way we reserve more of our mana, without worrying about mana issues, due the fact that your Enlighten support level's scaling with this modifier! That's Right, we can have a lvl-5 or even lvl-6 Enlighten which is super great. This way, I am not recommend to six-link the weapon, only if you are that wealthy. I keep the War Banner out of the link's because it reserves the least mana from the auras. Again, if you have a 6-link, it's even better, but not needed at all!

Alternate Quality Gems:
Instead of wasting currency on Awakened Gems, use Alternate Quality Gems! Even for support gems there are realy good, and well useable Alternate Qualities. Here is a list, what you can use in this link:

Blood and Sand:
-Divergent |Best|

Flesh and Stone:
-Anomalous |Best|
-Divergent |So-so|

Maim Support:
-Anomalous |Best|

-Divergent |Best|

War Banner:
-Divergent |Best|
-Default |So-So|



Body Armour:

So with the Supreme Ostentation keystone, it's pretty easy to just slap this Body armour on, without worrying about the huge attribute requirments! I will talk about the Shrine mechanics and more about the Body Armour in the 'Mechanics' section.

If you are playing in an SSF League or don't have enough currency to buy the Blunderbore, than simply use a rare chest with resists and a lot of life. Try to avoid attribute modifiers, because we don't get any benifit from them! In this scenario I don't recommend using the mentioned keystone!


For the helmet , we use the Gull, because of the Increased Shrine effect modifier, that i will talk about later. You can aim for Gull's that has Sunder labyrinth Enchantments on them. Usually there a couple ones with cheap prices. The most efficient one is the 'Sunder has 20% reduced delay between Areas in the Wave'. This way you can go faster with the waves. Usually The Gull is realy cheap itself too, so i don't recommend using any other helmets!


For the Boots, It's realy depend on you. I am using a rare one with Movement speed, life, resists. Try to avoid attribute modifiers, because we don't get any benifit from them! If you can get enough resists in other gear slots, then use a Death's Door.


Mainly aim for a rare spiked Gloves, that has resists, life, and potentionally Added flat physical damage to attacks. We don't want any unique gloves for the build. Try to avoid attribute modifiers, because we don't get any benifit from them!


Why Atziri's Disfavour?

This Axe has great Physical damage, cause bleeding, and most importantly grants +2 level for the socketed support gems! This is is good for us, because this way we can run our auras comfortable, without having to worry about the mana. Also, i think it's much cheaper to just buy one of these axes, than crafting a better rare one.



The only stats that you want on a rare amulet is added flat physical damage to attacks, life and resists! Try to avoid attribute modifiers, because we don't get any benifit from them! I use a cheap Talisman, you can use one too, but with a good implicit. The good thing about Talismans is that we don't need any attributes! You have to pay attention to the Annoint too, but you can search for Annointment in trade sites. I'll mention some good ones later in the 'Miscellaneous things' section.


Firstly, we need a good rolled The Warden's Brand. It will reduces your attack speed, but with Fist Of War support it's just even better. Also, it gives a tons of flat physical damage, so don't miss on it! You can use Abrasive Catalysts to improve it even more! In top of that, you gain a Frenzy Charge after you stun an enemy! (which is basicly all of time)

For the second ring, you want a Warlord base item, with Vulnerability curse on hit! If you can't get this ring somehow, you have to use a Blasphemy+Vulnerability combo in your weapon, in this way you lose out on a lot of damage. Also, try to get resists and extra life! Remember: Try to avoid attributes!


As for the belts, we want to get a high itemlevel belt with resists and life! A Stygian Vise would be the best with a good Abyssal jewel. Remember: Try to avoid attributes!

If you want to go with a unique belt, and you have more than enough resistances, than i recommend using Ryslatha's Coil. It is very expensive, especially with a good roll, so choose wisely!

Jewels & Flasks

Of course we want to use Cluster jewels, but sadly we don't have enough passive points to use that much.

Cluster Jewels:

Here are some examples for the Cluster jewels. Mainly you want to get defense on the small jewels, and Axe or Warcry on the Medium ones. There is even a node that Intimidate's your enemies when you use a Warcry skill! I highly recommend using a warcry one for the medium jewel!

Unique Jewels:

We are using an Elegant Hubris in order to transform the 'Agnostic' keystone into the 'Supreme Ostentation' keystone! The numbers are irrelevant in this case, because we are lacking of points. You have to Divine your Elegant Hubris until the 'Caspiro' roll! If you don't know how Timeless jewels work, than here is a link: link

Also, we want to use a Unique jewel for the Call of Steel. There are 3 type of Steel jewel, but I only recommend the listed one. If you can get a good corruption in any of your jewel, than use it! The reason why we use this jewel, is explained in the 'Mechanics' section.

Basic Jewels:

In this section there are realy not much to say. Jewels are a nice way to fix your resistances if needed, and provide a little extra power with flat physical damage added to attacks! If you can, try to get ones, that has life on them! Also the most important thing is that you need on one of your jewels a '% of Physical damage leeched as mana' modifier. In this way you don't have to worry about your mana problems, because you deal so much Physical damage.


The only Unique flaks that is good for us, is Lion's Roar! It provides a lot melee damage and armour. Also, another important thing is that you need immunity on your flasks. I like to put my Bleed remove to the Life flask. Then just get a Freeze remove and a Curse remove and Immune roll, in one of your flasks and you are good to go! Don't forget to Quality up your flasks! Here is my example:


Impale & Call of Steel

1. What is the impale?

Firstly we need to have 100% chance to Impale with the build. This is important, because we are attacking realy slow, so we want to apply impale with each of our hits! I managed to get 100% impale with the build by the following modifiers:

The 50% from the skill is the Impale support gem, with Anomalious Alternate Quality!

With each of our successful Hits we store a desirable amount of Physical damage to the targets. You can apply up to 5 impales on a single enemy that lasts for 8 sec. So what now? Why is it so powerful?

2. The Impaler keystone

With this keystone, we only apply 4 Impale stacks, but we apply it with a single hit! It is particularly great with slam builds, due the fact that we are attacking realy slowly. The keystone also applies your impales to the nearby enemies. I'll created two Picasso painting to illustrate it for you:

So you can see that The Impaler keystone helps to Impale even more enemies with one slam!

3. Call of Steel synergy

With the Heist league, the steel skills had a rework. Now, if you socket a steel skill, you can use the 'Call of Steel'. This skill let will let you detonate your impale stacks on the enemies. Even when they are already dead! So there is two way to get the benifits from the Impale! One, is that you don't want to use the Call of Steel, and you proc your Impales manually, with your next Sunder slam! That's great... Until you start to realize how OP is the new Call of Steel! Just give it a try, and you'll see it. So the way you want to use it, is the following:

1 - Use your warcries to empower your next slams.
2 - Attack with Sunder.
3 - Always use Call of Steel between two Sunder attacks. This way you always attack with Fist of War, and you greatly increase you damage output!
We are using the Threshold jewel for Call of Steel, so it's gonna be realy fast.

Supreme Ostentation

1. Gear & Gem requirements

This is a realy cool thing about this keystone! You don't have to worry about any of the Attribute requirements! You can level Enlightens in your offhand, or use gear, that you previously cannot because of the Intelligent/Dexterity requirements.

2. How to deal with the lack of Accuracy from Dexterity?

I realy wanted to go with crit, and critical stirke multiplier, but I sadly can't. You miss out on too much Accuracy without Attributes. Even if you start getting some from the tree and from gear, it's not enough. Therefor I just use Resolute Technique.

3. How to deal with the lack of Mana from Intelligence?

Because you attack realy slowly, your mana leech have time to recover you mana before the next attack or skill. I would see this as a problem mainly in fast attack builds. With this build you are good to go.

4. How to deal with the lack of Life from Strength?

Now that's a bit of a problem. We could have up to 7k Life with the build if we could have Strength, but unfortunately we cannot. So to compensate it, try to get as much life as you can on your gear. This is a Juggernaut, so we are tanky anyway.


1. Blunderbore

With the Body Armour you have two lesser Shrines on your self by default. This is great, because this Shrines can be scaled further with Increased shrine effect. There are not much ways to scale this, but two items. One of which is Blunderbore.

2. Gull - Lesser Shrines

Firstly, here is a list for what shrines you can get in priority order:

We get this shrine from the Body Armour, permanently!

We get this shrine from the Body Armour, permanently!

Why this shrine is so good? Because it gives +2% to all maximum elemental resistances, which is get scaled by the inceased effect of shrines on you modifiers from the Gull, and from the Blunderbore. So after calculation it should grant you +4-5% to all maximum elemental resistances. If the Gull create one, always go for it.

So this one is a bit tricky. If you get it in the middle of the map, than is great, because you can clear faster. If you get it before the boss, it's not that great. Why? Because we want to apply bigger impales, with slower attack speed. With this build if you scale your attack speed, your initial hits will deal less damage. So mapping is great with this shrine, but not the bosses.

It just gives you armour and that's all. If you don't feel like you needing it, than don't waste your time picking it up.

The same principle. If you feel like needing it, because you are in a harder map, than go for it. Other than that, don't waste your time

The Gull:
This helmet will create you Lesser Shrines as you killing monsters. The good thing about this is the scaling. I don't recommend to use this helmet alone, because it's kinda crapy, but with this much Increased effect of shirne buff on you modifier, these shrines are actually great.

3. Summary and Tips

-You can turn off a Shrine effect by clicking on it with right click at the top of the screen.

-You can pick up a shrine that's already exist on you, but the effect will not stack, just the time that is being on you.

-Don't pick up every Shrine, just what you need.

-If you come across with a big shrine in a map, always go for it, because the increased effect of shrine modifier is also counting for the original shrines!

Miscellaneous things

Amulet Anointment

I think there is three relevant choice.

Firstly, the cheaper one is:

The second one is a bit more expensive, but it's clearly more damage:

And a defensive option:
Purity of Flesh


Major God:

Soul of Arakaali is great because with the upgrades you can get chaos resistance against damage over time effects.

Minor God:

Soul of Tukohama is the best choice, because if you use Sunder, you will stand still for like 1 or 2 sec. This Pantheon has a good synergy with this kind of playstyle.


Kill all 3. We need as much passive points as we can get.


Can I use this build as a Leaguestarter?

Unfortunetly, you can't... You need to get the Blunderbore Body armour and an Elegant Hubris, so sorry, but you can't.

Can I make this build with cheaper gear?

Of course, you can! Get rares that are not that high budget, and run on a 5-link!

Why I can not One-shot bosses?

Technically you can... It depends on so many things. You used your Warcries? You Intimidated and Debilitated them with your Warcries? Are you using Call of Steel after each slam? You have a curse setup either from Blasphemy or on your ring?

Can I hit enemies with proximity shield?

It's funny, because you can't. BUT! If you impale a nearby enemy, you could impale the mob with the proximity shield, and when you use the Call of Steel skill, it detonate that monster too :D

How can I get more life?

Since we don't have flat life from Strength, that can be scaled with increased life sources, we need to have a lot of flat life in our gear. Be patient when you choose gear, and watch for the highest life rolls.

I have mana problems! Why I run out of mana so much?

Well, you can't do No Leech maps, because your only source of mana 'regen' is your only jewel that grants you '%physical attack damage leeched as mana' modifier. It should be enough!

There is too many buttons! How can I do this?

Well, I totally agree with you! There is too many buttons for sure! :D Here is my setup:

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wtb videos
Probably I will upload 2 videos today :)
Picked up a blunderbore with +501 str req today started looking for blunderbore builds and i found yours.

I don't think you need to use supreme ostentation.
A lethal pride near barbarism and picking up utmost might gives you nearly 200 extra strength.

Add Astramentis with quality, and then you are only 50 strength short , seems doable if you tweak the gear or pick more up on the tree
Last edited by haaiii on Oct 17, 2020, 9:35:36 PM
haaiii wrote:
Picked up a blunderbore with +501 str req today started looking for blunderbore builds and i found yours.

I don't think you need to use supreme ostentation.
A lethal pride near barbarism and picking up utmost might gives you nearly 200 extra strength.

Add Astramentis with quality, and then you are only 50 strength short , seems doable if you tweak the gear or pick more up on the tree

That is a cool build concept, I am sure that you will enjoy it, but my whole build guide is builded around the Supreme Ostentation keystone, not around the Body Armour! I picked up the armour because of the Keystone, and not vica versa! Anyway, feel free to ask me, if you need help :)

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