As a follow up to the recently released Angels and Demons cosmetic effects, we're introducing three new shield skins so you can complete your outfits with matching shields. Check out the Angelic Shield, Demonic Shield and Pandemonium Shield by watching videos below or get yours here.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Yeah maybe
Angelic one is great.
Nice that you're adding more stuff to compliment the last mystery box.
Angelic Shield is great, but the pandeminum is mehhh :))

I still prefer Sunrise shield.
The Angelic one is beautiful!
The beauty and artwork look amazing. I wish there was one that was oversized with spikes perhaps, really oversized.
Omg finally some new shield mtx <3

Void Shield when!
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Moar shield MTX please!
demonic one is cool

hey, how about some new poe 2 teasers

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