[3.12][CONCEPT] Replica Alberon's Scourge Poison ascendant

Hello all!

This is a build revolving around the new boots replica Alberon's Warpath. Specifically this is a strength stacking build. Theoretically this bad boy gets up to about 7 mil sirus dps and around 25mil trash dps with a very high lifepool, Dodge/spelldodge, insta enduring cry and good lifreg/leech

theoretical Pro/Con

Immune to ignite/freeze
6k+ HP (even 7k shouldn't be too much of a hassle)
no reflect dmg
high movement speed and 0.9 secs till scourge is fully charged

cannot do: no regen in combination with no leech
additional arrow may be needed to group spore pods better

Core Items

the boots that make the dream come true. with about 1.7k strength we get
34 - 2720 additional chaos dmg to our scourge strike.

boosts stats and makes us immune to ignite and freeze as well as gives about 40% increased dmg and a little bit of life

nice to have:

Preferable with as much strength as possible,and if you want to use
darkscorn, with chaos resist instead of buff effect.

Darkscorn: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Darkscorn
With enough chaos res this Bow gives the build additional tankiness while having at least a little bit of damage.

For full dps a crafted bow with poison dmg and + level to support gems would be best i think.

As resists are little bit hard to come by, an elder amulet/ elder chest with at least one suffix open for res are needed

gem links

Main link:
Anomalous Scourge Arrow + Poison support + Vile Toxins + Unbound Ailments + Infusion + Deadly ailments

Yes anomalous Scourge Arrow, that thing is insane with giving every pod 2 additional spikes.

Herald of Agony

Spelltotem +wither + multiple totems + cast speed

immortal call + CWDT + enduring cry + inc duration

Dash + second wind

Second 6link: frenzy (awakened)hextouch despair/(temp chains) mirage archer arrownova
Just thinking for frenzy charge gen in boss fights and a little bit AE cursing.

As I'm still leveling this so I post the pob as a Concept.
POB, Skilltree, Ascend and pantheon


lvl 90 Poeplanner

Normal: Shadow Stats/passive skill point
Cruel: trickster ascend/ Strength in Berserker Path
Merciless: passive skill/Berserker
Uber: Path of shadow

Main: Solaris (We are quite fast, we will offscreen most of trash, so boss pantheon will be better)
Minor: if you have darkscorn, Shakari boosts tankiness
if not, take what you like (Tukohama is a bad choice, we won't be standing still for more than one second)

Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
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Build looks great.

I like the layers (regen, leech, dodge and solid life pool without outrageous gear).

No Mirage Archer Support seem odd, doesn't that thing fire fully charge arrows.

Build looks great.

I like the layers (regen, leech, dodge and solid life pool without outrageous gear).

No Mirage Archer Support seem odd, doesn't that thing fire fully charge arrows.

It does, I'm still not sure about either using infusion or Mirage.
Mirage archer is currently active with the curse 6link and infusion gives additional tankiness with minimizing chaos dmg when using darkscorn.

Still something to consider especially if the divergent mirage archer gives more poison duration.
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
Enduring cry is a warcry, not a spell. so it doesn't trigger from CWDT
Don't know how to break it to ya but Replica Alberon's and Scourge Arrow isn't your concept.

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