[3.12] Assassin Poet's Pen CoC Blade Blast/Bladefall Low Life Version


I was playing and changing the build, I thought about making a blade blast when I thought about the Astarift build, which I had already done in 3.10, but I was thinking that the build could have a lot more damage, if it was low life, while I was in build leveling. I looked for guides I didn't find, I looked in the ninja poe, I didn't find, I looked in the forum and I didn't find a low life guide. Well then I thought to do it myself.

So this is my version of blade blast blade fall, I didn't min-max some things, but I got level 94 very fast without doing a leveling route. So I thought about sharing.

And I will mention Astarift at the end of the topics, without it this build would probably not exist, since it was from his guide and his live, that I met this build and today I was able to bring something different to the community.

POB 3.12: https://pastebin.com/fKxhw3uf

Pretty tanky
Can do Heist high lv83+ Carefully
Makes all content, but some content will be more difficult
Don't need bottled faith to get 100% critical strike chance effectness
Zealotry will spread the consecrated ground a lot, making you have ES regen
Semi-budget if compared with other versions of energy shield
Has twice dps than life version on pob
It is an ES build, so it has absurd regen, especially if you use vaal discipline at the right times.
Frost Shield give us so much crit flat and little survival such bottled faith

Cant tank carousel and Die of sirus
Cant stationary on legion encountries
Need Carefully in delve mainly in fire dmg nodes
Need stationary so much to reach a maximum dps
Due to the removal of one poets pen, to place a prism guardian, it created a little delay between the blade fall and the blade blast, but after reaching the maximum dps, it compensates for the delay
needs a lot of care in the uber lab with reflects and atziris
cant do no regen maps
cant do phys reflet maps
It's not league starter build, do life version for league starter

there is little mystery about the build leveling
has a lot of dps naturally
Spellslinger + bladefall + supports of pob be careful with your mana reserved
Spellslinger + blade blast + supports of pob
wands flat dmg cold damage to frezze enemies
barrage + faster attacks support "only faster attacks for mana sustein"

Itens... please look in pob. I will add in the future!

DPS comparison


Low life


Version life of Astarift:
His guide is much more explained than mine, because his is a great league starter, different from mine, which needs many items and items that are not so cheap to start a league.

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POB does not working(
Pob link is broken
pob link doesnt work for me either, using the fork one

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