Mirror Thread & Item Sales - Standard - GT: Ted the Dragoon

Welcome to my thread, here I showcase any items I have for mirror service on Xbox. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns regarding my items, however please respect any pricing on this post. I am open to reasonable negotiation.

Also, please refrain from posting negatively about the items showcased here - I understand that not every "mirror tier" item is perfect, and while you may not deem it worthy for mirror service, it does not mean everyone else feels the same way. Given our limited supply of items on console, there may be those who would be interested in some of these items even if they are not perfect by PC standards.

If you are interested in mirroring an item, you may supply any oils for anointments or catalysts for alternative quality. I can also do my best to get the proper glove or boot enchantments you need. Belt and helmet enchantments are significantly more difficult to get and will require additional fees.

Crafted mods are free of charge (unless they require exalts) and socket colors can be changed if you supply the chromatics. If you want white sockets on an item please let me know and I can prioritize them over other items.

Mirror Service Tier 1 (15 ex fee):

Mirror Service Tier 2 (10 ex fee):

Mirror Service Tier 3 (5 ex fee):

High-End Items for Sale (PM with offers):

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Buenas tardes.
Por favor podrías indicarme como linkear los objetos en el foro para poder hacer una consulta ya que lo estoy intentando pero no soy capaz.
Gracias y un saludo.
nice collection

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