[3.13] MOM & POP Skeletons - Strong at Bosses & Heists

(Formerly MOM Popcorn Skeletons)

Starting with Devon's build (great guide) I eventually built my own variant that works a lot better for me because I can't dodge shit. This build is more survivable while sacrificing a little damage.

3.15 Update
*No sign the new Expedition mechanic is as rough as Ultimatums were, will have to see
*Lowlife/pop threshold is 50% as of last patch, faster booms
*Minion Damage Support is now bad, so Fire Penetration or lv4 Empower
*We're not particularly Flask-dependent
*Not particularly hit by Gem nerfs
Time will tell but MOM & POP looks totally viable again!

You summon Skeletons, they burn to death in 1 second and then explode for AOE from Minion Instability. Equip two Earandel's Embrace and link an Infernal Legion Support (Anomalous alternate quality when you can get one) so Skeles blow up quick. Stack Minion Life to get the big damage. Debuff enemies to increase the damage taken and cast Blood Ritual on rotation. Stack life and mana.
MOM and Agnostic means Mana is now extra life and a lot of regen. Drink your highly efficient mana flasks for overflowing health.
Drop Vaal Summon Skeletons like it's a nuke and watch bosses melt!

POB link ---> https://pastebin.com/mdi27Kma

Demolition Demo

Surviving mega-DIE

DEATHLESS Uber Elder AND A8 Sirus boss kill playlist

As a filthy casual with a full-time job and other commitments, with this build I've brought it to such point:

* DEATHLESS Uber Elder AND A8 Sirus
* safely leveling off 8-mod t16 maps with Conq influence and Sextants, ALL MODS EASY
* safely leveling off t16 Blighted maps with XP anoint
* safely running lv83 Heists any mods
* Maven DOWN - will upload when I don't fail the memory game lol

*upwards of ~8500 eHP + massive regen
*core build is cheap
*fun playstyle
*big boss damage on a fair budget
*clears any map mods
*low attribute requirements
*Blight destroyer
*hardcore viable
*vaal skeles nuclear launch detected

*skelesplosions do not break barrels :(
*trade league only, SSF would have a hard time getting all the specifics
*better at bosses than clear speed
*won't get to streamer-level ridiculous damage, tops out around 8 million sdps

*2x Earendel's Embrace

*A 6-socket, 5-LINK Bloodbond

That's right, you don't technically need a 6-link. Your helmet will be your "6-link", more about that below.
You may eventually want to go 6-link, but it should not be your first big expense.

*Either a Replica Siegebreaker or a Darkness Enthroned with your two best jewels.
Even though the Burning Grounds do not stack, I believe Repl Siegebreaker is superior, but it's difficult to prove mathematically.

*Helmet, 4-link 4-blue:
Vaal Summon Skeletons, Anomalous Infernal Legion, Elemental Focus, and one of the following:
Concentrated Effect, Minion Damage, or Minion Life (depending on helmet)
The new alternate-quality "anomalous" Infernal Legion increases the self-burn from 40% to 50%, making skeles pop sooner. Buy one as soon as you can!
To get to t16, you'll need a helmet that supports socketed gems with the other two of the above three "or" gems. Here's one of mine for example:

A budget helmet would have just the two extra supports. You can clear ALL MAPS AND BOSSES ON A BUDGET HELMET so definitely buy a cheap one to get started.
When you finally pick up a +3 with 20/18 levels you'll notice a big difference and start crushing!
You may also want to try an Anomalous Predator if you don't mind managing an extra button. Signal Prey is instant-cast.
Feel free to run an Increased Area of Effect (Awakened is nice and not too expensive) for clearing maps if the bosses are easy (they will be).

*Body Armour, 5-link 4-blue 1-red, 1 blue unlinked:
Raise Zombie, Feeding Frenzy, Elemental Army, Combustion, and Melee Splash
Zombies are your faithful support boys. See below for how Cluster Jewels will affect them, they will greatly increase fire damage taken by bosses and clear weak enemies for you. They will also taunt and keep Feeding Frenzy up.
Faster Casting in the sixth unlinked socket will only affect Blood Offering, which you cast frequently mid-combat.
You're best off buying a Bloodbond with perfect life/minion life rolls, getting the quality up to 20% or higher (Hillock in Fortification can raise it to 28%), spamming Jewelers until it's 6-sockets, and then either recipe or fusings it to 5-link.
To get 5b 1r, with the red in the 5-link, spam around ~100 chromatics. Don't use the 1r recipe, it's much more expensive.

Alternative 6-link, 5b1r: Squeeze the Frenzy Ape Spectres in with the above. More clear speed, slower cast time on Ritual. Opens a link up with the Lightning Golem for AG or something else.

More Boss Damage, Tukohama's Vanguard Spectres: Found in Act 6, The Karui Fortress, these boys drop Scorching Ray totems that can apply -25% Fire Exposure after a wind-up, replacing Ele Army's -10%. Multiple Totems support is crucial here to apply Exposure quickly.
5-link would be Spectre, Multiple Totems, Combustion, Feeding Frenzy, and either Zombies or Minion Life (6-link for both).

*Gloves or Boots, 4-link 4-blue:
Hydrosphere, Hextouch, Flammability, and Faster Casting
This will apply Flammability and Elemental Equilibrium for great boss damage. Hydrosphere has a quick base cast time, no cooldown, great impact AOE, and even hits targets on the way.
Make sure you wear nothing that adds Fire damage to spells - mouse over the Hydrosphere tooltip to ensure it mentions no Fire damage. If it does, you're wearing something that needs replaced.
Another option ulraththeunclean's been enjoying is Cyclone, Cast while Channeling, Flammability, and Fortify with some cold or lightning added to attacks.
What's important is that you get your curse and EE out comfortably. Both can break barrels!

*Boots or Gloves, 4-link 4-blue:
Raise Spectre, Lightning Golem, Meat Shield, and Minion Life
My choice of Spectre is Frenzy Apes, like Stygian Silverback. Feel free to try out any Spectres you like, they're there for support.

Pure dex boots or gloves will be hard to get 4-blue and may have too high of Dex requirement.

*Weapon 1, 3-link 2-blue 1-green:
Desecrate, Faster Casting, and Clarity
It doesn't matter if Clarity is linked. You can buy a lv21 Clarity for cheap.
Only quality on Desecrate matters, feel free to leave it at lv1.

*Weapon 2, 3-link 2-blue 1-red:
Flame Dash, Faster Casting, and Blood Magic
Blood Magic on Flame Dash helps if you take enough damage to drain all your mana.
If you get your Mana higher than 43% of your Life, you can safely drop Blood Magic.

Here's my passives tree, but I recommend loading up POB Fork with the pastebin link for better detail: https://pastebin.com/mdi27Kma

Start on the right and work your way straight to Minion Instability as soon as possible. Grab all the minion nodes, feel free to take % damage and Regret them later when you get the Skeles blowing up quickly. Hold off on the mana nodes until you at least have Mind Over Matter. You don't need Elemental Equilibrium until you have at least one Earendal's Embrace equipped. You can just grab all the travel nodes for a while since Skeletons are so strong to level with. Grab life nodes whenever you start to feel vulnerable.

Here's a reddit with good information about building Mind Over Matter

"Minions deal % increased damage" is maybe half as good as "Minions have % increased maximum life". A 10/12% damage node is not worth spending points on if you can skip it. Minion Life is the best damage stat!

You'll notice Sacrifice and Indomitable Army are untaken despite granting minion life, this is because they also add fire resistance to Skeletons which slows down the boom.

Gravepact will be your Anoint, there's too many bad nodes on the way to it.

By lv91 you can have all four regular jewel sockets, the good mana notables Battle Rouse, Dynamo, Mystic Bulwark, Arcane Will, and Deep Thots. You want at least two Hulking Corpses and a Life From Death from Medium Clusters and two filled Small Life Clusters. The whole Life wheel with Constitution in the Scion area.

Ascendancy snapshot

Ascendancy order goes Mindless Aggression -> Bone Barrier -> Unnatural Strength -> Plaguebringer
The Bone Armour skill combined with Dynamo is a powerful defensive tool. Pop it anytime you anticipate damage.
Don't grab Commander of Darkness even temporarily because it adds fire resistance to Skeletons.

You want to start on your Cluster as soon as you can afford a Medium.

Filling out your cluster setup is crucial to the full build. In short, you need the following:

1. A large Minion Damage cluster with the following:
*Adds only 8 passives, this reduces the amount of points you must spend
*Three notables, two of which must be Raze and Pillage and Feasting Fiends. It doesn't matter what the third one is since it'll be in the back untaken.
You do need a third notable to push the good ones up front.

2. Two medium Minion Health clusters with the following:
*One with both Notables Hulking Corpses and Life from Death
*The second medium with both Notables Hulking Corpses and Feasting Fiends.
*Adds 6 passives for the most Minion Life

3. Two small Life clusters with the following:
*Adds only 2 passives
*One small passive is Fettle.
Fettle gives fantastic +life but can be expensive, feel free to try cheaper life clusters or just regular Ghastly Eyes. If using Elegant Hubris (see Advanced Tips) you may want to save the points.

Raze and Pillage guarantees Ele Army and Combustion. Hulking Corpses is a nice 25% minion health and gives Zombies taunt. Life from Death keeps non-Skeles alive, but it does heal Skeles so you don't want a second. Feasting Fiends is just good stats, the leech is negligible.

If you're still saving up for Raze and Pillage, a single "Minions deal #/# additional Fire damage" line on a Ghastly Eye will be sufficient for Combustion/Ele Army as long as they don't gain a greater amount of Cold/Lightning somewhere else.

Gear I used for deathless Uber Elder:
See "Advanced Tips" below for why gems are different from above

Start with a budget helmet that has two of the following:
*"Socketed Gems are Supported by level # Minion Life"
*"Socketed Gems are Supported by level # Minion Damage"
*"Socketed Gems are Supported by level # Concentrated Effect"

These can be very cheap if you ignore other stats. Another reason to ignore other stats is that when you buy an expensive helmet, you likely won't get the luxury of high resists so it won't be necessary to replace other gear.
A pure Evasion/Armour helmet can be hard to make 4-blue, so prefer >0 Intelligence requirement.

You may also consider a budget helmet with just +2 levels OR all three extra supports for a "7-link". Should you go 7-link, Combustion or Awakened Fire Penetration for the extra gem. Remember that, even using Combustion, Skeles cannot ignite because of Ele Focus.
Butt be make sure to spend a budget price on it.

For when you can afford 3+ Exalts, Shaper helmet with the two extra support at levels 18/20 and "+3 to socketed Minion Gems". This will be a huge damage boost even over "7-link".

*These can be hard to shop for, be patient and you can get one for a few Exalts*

Body Armour
As stated above, Bloodbond with 25% life and 30% minion life is a necessity since you can get it 6s/5l with colors pretty cheaply.

As stated above, 2x Earandel's Embrace with ~30% fire damage taken is mandatory asap. The damage and attributes are luxury stats.

Just look for life and resists at first, you can later shop for one with Minion Life but those only come from Essences so it's kinda rare.

30% movespeed, life, and resists, maybe some Dexterity. You do want to eventually get something with 35% movespeed since there's nothing else to speed you up.

As stated above, Replica Siegebreaker or Darkness Enthroned. Repl Siegebreaker triggers do not stack (otherwise it would be broken!). Darkness Enthroned with a couple great Ghastly Eyes may be bis in straight stats, use whichever you prefer.

To start, you can grab some cheap rings with life and resists. Remember that Mana is good! For endgame, you want specifics:
*High life roll
*High resists, Topaz/Ruby/Sapphire/Two-Stone/Prismatic base
*An open prefix and no natural mana (blocks craft)
*Craft "+ Max Mana and Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds" onto the open prefix - you can get up 18% total between rings & amulet
*Rare Delve suffix can have ~30% minion damage, not common but worth your Chaos

To unveil the above mod sooner, you can buy cheap rings or amulets with a veiled prefix.

Amulet & Anoint
Main stats same as rings.
Best Anoints are:
Gravepact for damage
Anointed Flesh for Maven and elemental defense in general
Heart of the Warrior for straight Life
Revelry for straight Mana

Paua, Blue Pearl, and Marble are good base types. After crafting and using 20x Fertile Catalysts (Life/Mana), feel free to upgrade to a T3 Talisman if you want to try your luck, though most of the potential implicits do not help.
Talismans are usually a great deal if you find one with the Anoint and stats you need.

Hunter prefix "+1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems" is a powerful but expensive boost, recommend patiently shopping or crafting one yourself eventually. Influenced Amulets cannot be upgraded to Talismans :(

A Ghastly Eye abyssal jewel is bis for all your jewels. An ideal one would have + life, +mana, % minion life, and % minion damage if you've cast a minion skill recently. Put your best two in Darkness Enthroned if you're wearing it.
I recommend slotting a From Dust early because it syncs up the playstyle nicely. It's like training for the cast, wait, cast rhythm. Replace later, or get one with Silence/Corrupted Blood immunity if you want.
An Anatomical Knowledge can give 250+ Life if slotted here:
See "Advanced Tips" for more high-end jewel options

With MOM you get the advantage of using Mana flasks defensively, which are more efficient than Health flasks. Feel free to play around, but here's what I roll with and explanation:


*2 "emergency flasks" to pop together after taking heavy damage: 1 Mana flask with "Concentrated" prefix, which increases amount recovered, and "Dowsing" suffix that removes Ignite. 1 Health flask with "Bubbling" prefix, which grants partial instant recovery, and "Staunching" suffix that removes Bleeding. These will heal you back up quick and remove most dots.
The Concentrated Mana flask should be your go-to to pop by itself anytime your mana drops to about 50% but your health is still full.

*1 Quicksilver with increased duration and curse immunity

*2 defensive flasks to pop on rotation anytime you start a fight: 1 Taste of Hate, which greatly mitigates physical and cold damage. 1 Mana flask with "Enduring" prefix, which lowers the amount recovered but lets the flask run for full duration even if your mana fills up, and "of Heat" suffix which grants Freeze immunity.

You'll want to stock up some alternative flasks for more dangerous maps or specific encounters, such as a Ruby flask for Phoenix.

Sirus is a special case since you get no chances to refill. He uses no curses, but may inflict all three elemental ailments and his storms apply Corrupted Blood. So you need all three immunities and bleed removal. I bring a Health flask with at least +15 charges and Ignite immunity, a "Concentrated" Mana flask with Bleed immunity, a "Foreboding" mana flask with increased movespeed (next paragraph), and two "Enduring" mana flasks, one with Shock and one with Freeze immunity.

The "Foreboding" prefix makes your flask recover nothing until the end of its 7-second duration, then get it all at once in increased amount. This means the suffix effect, such as increased movespeed, will last all 7 seconds. I replace my Quicksilver with this for Sirus since a Mana flask can be used seven times whereas a Quicksilver can only afford two. It's less movespeed but you need the extra uses for Sirus.

If you pick up gems and uniques as early as you can you'll have a grand time leveling. Prioritize links over stats while in Acts, you can get away with some pretty trash gear all the way to white maps.

By the end of Act 1 you can link Infernal Legion to Skeletons, the burning damage will actually be most of your damage. Pick up gems and level them as you go. Your first 4-link should be Skeletons, Infernal Legion, Minion Life, and Combustion. You can roll with Minion Damage for a while if you like. Don't forget to use your weapon swap to level more gems!

lv2 Raise Zombie, first quest reward
lv8 Melee Splash, Act 3 Siosa
lv8 Combustion and Infernal Legion, Act 1
lv10 Summon Skeletons, Clarity, and Flame Dash, Act 1
lv16 Desecrate and Cold Snap, Act 2
lv18 Faster Casting x4, Concentrated Effect, Elemental Focus, and Minion Life, Act 2
lv24 Flammability, Act 3
lv28 Raise Spectre, Act 3
lv31 Elemental Army, Meat Shield, and Feeding Frenzy, Act 3
lv31 Blood Magic, Act 3 Siosa
lv34 Lightning Golem, Act 4
lv35 Earendel's Embrace and Bloodbond, trade
lv38 Hextouch, Act 3
lv44 Replica Siegebreaker

Before finishing Acts you can already have the core build assembled. If you struggle with Izaru, try Spell Totem support on Skeletons so you can spend more time dodging.

Thanks to Devon752 for his awesome guide that got me started, and thank you for reading. Remember the first rule of handling explosives: have fun!

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For pushing uber endgame

Watcher's Eye
The two mods "% of Damage taken while affected by Clarity Recouped as Mana" and "% increased Life Recovery Rate while affected by Vitality" are very powerful here. The Agnostic's regen is boosted by this. Jewel will probably cost at least 2 Exalts.
Keep Vitality at lv1, it reserves more mana and regens Skeles if you level it up.
Keep your unreserved Mana equal to at least 43% of your life total, so you may not level up Clarity all the way.

Animated Guardian
An Animate Guardian can bring a great defensive or offensive boon. If you haven't used AG before, read the wiki page and watch a Youtube or two on it. It's basically a separate equipment set that an invisible minion you summon wears. Anything you put on the AG can never be recovered. If AG dies, its equipped items are gone forever. If you replace one of its items, the old item's gone forever. Fortunately, this is a minion life build so, if you're careful, it will be virtually immortal.

AG starts at 45% elemental and 20% chaos resists, you'll want to cap at least the elementals with the gear you buy him. There's no way to check his current gear, so use POB and save an item set for him.
AG takes extra planning, so know that you'll probably waste a few items on the way.

For a defensive AG, just link it in with Meat Shield, usually alongside Lightning Golem and Minion Life. Even linked to Meat Shield, AG likes to wander off so it helps to keep a lv1 CWDT Convocation so his buffs stay on you.

For offensive, 6-link it into Feeding Frenzy with Tukohama's Vanguard Spectres, Multiple Totems, Cumbustin, and Minion Life (otherwise Spectres can die).

AG's melee damage can never be good, so it's all about support effects, which can be massive!

Eye of Malice: If enemy resistance is below zero, this will multiply the negative value! POB can't calculate this for you, so all I've got is handkerchief math. With two hexes, EE, Cumbustin, and -25% Exposure against boss resists and curse reduction, I count -126% Fire Resistance. Feeding Frenzy required so AG sticks on bosses.
Also gives up to 40% fire and cold resist

Cospri's Will: The stats suck, but +1 curse limit lets AG apply Elemental Weakness ontop of your Flammability. Goes through Hexproof, too. Necessary for Eye of Malice.

Curse-on-hit Gloves: The only way to get an extra curse from your AG. Buy a pair with Elemental Weakness on Hit and Lightning Resist.

Dying Breath: Nearby Enemies have 18% increased Effect of Curses on them, best weapon as far as I know.

Wake of Destruction: Since we don't have room for Skitterbots, the Shocked Ground from this is our only way to shock bosses. Uptime is unreliable but it's good damage when it hits. You could just go for rare boots with life and resists.
Legacy of Fury: Like Wake of Destruction, but Scorch instead of Shock.

At full build with an optimal offensive AG and Elegant Hubris, it's possible to get your Skeleplosion Sdamage to 1 million+ each. Final gem links should look like this:
helm skeles
6L spectre, AG, ffrenzy, cumbust, minlif, multitot
4L hydrsfer, hext, flamm, fcast
4L cwdt, convocation ; vitality ; clarity
3L lgolem, zombies, meatsh
3L flame dash, fcast, desecrate

Defensive options
A defensive AG will need to be kept close, so squeeze a lv1 CWDT-Convocation into your gear. Otherwise he tends to fall behind.

Kingmaker: You and minions have Fortify and Culling Strike while he's close. These are close to 1 Exalt in price but worth it.
Money tip: look at that vendor recipe on the wiki page, you can buy Heartbreaker & Soultaker for 10-20c less. Corrupted ones won't work!

Sign of the Sin Eater: AG takes your ele ailments for you. Don't worry, he can take it. Cheaper alternative to Kingmaker, goes well with a chonky shield like The Oak.

Victario's Flight: More movespeed for you

You'll probably still want a Cospri's Will and Curse-on-hit gloves, or you could just stack more flat life. Helmet is also freed up to your choice. Be sure to read the AG wiki page for more options.

To squeeze in a defensive AG, you can just replace Raise Spectre or move Spectres to the body armour with Zombies (requires upping to 6L). Never drop zombies or you'll lose physical resist from Bone Barrier ascendancy.

Tukohama's Vanguard Spectres with a defensive Kingmaker AG is probably the best all-around setup. Final gem links would look like:
Helm skeles
6L Spectr, Zombies, ffrenzy, cumbustin, multitot, minlif
4L Hydrosf, hext, Flamm, fcast
4L cwdt, Convoc ; Clarity ; Vitality
3L AG, Lgolem, meatsh
3L Flame dash, Desecrate, fcast

Here's a quick demo of planning item sets for your AG in POB
Silly me thought that AG needed to meet Attribute requirements, so you don't have to shop for Str/Dex like I did at first.

Elegant Hubris
An Elegant Hubris can potentially offer big upgrades at a cost that varies extremely. For the purposes of this build, here's the basics:

* When slotted on your passives tree, an Elegant Hubris will change the other nodes nearby in a large circle. The number of coins and name commemorated determines what they are changed to. If this seems opaque and confusing, that's because it is. There is no calculator/spreadsheet to easily optimize (not even POB), we can only experiment and share results. You slot one in and look at your passives. A Divine Orb will reroll the number of coins and you can look again.

* Small passives in radius will be made empty, whether they granted 5% life or 10 Intelligence. Notable passives will be transformed into a random alternative: the top two possibilities are Axiom Warden - 80% Increased Minion Life and Slum Lord - 80% Increased Minion Damage. There are several other good ones but Axiom Warden is by far the top priority.

* Keystones in radius will be transformed more predictably by the name commemorated, but none of them are useful to us. Cadiro, Caspiro, or Victario, doesn't matter. Coin number does the same regardless.

* The only decent location for an Elegant Hubris for us is the left-most slot between "Faith and Steal" and "Devotion". Reference:

Every other jewel slot will overwrite too many good/necessary passives.

All that said, here are some of the good numbers to land on (big thanks to Promaore for his notes):
152000: 2x Axiom Warden, 3x Slum Lord
76360: 3x Axiom Warden
17260: 2x Axiom Warden, 1x Slum Lord
36340: 3x Axion Warden, 1x Slum Lord

If you shop for these numbers, enter them for Cadiro, Caspiro, and Victario each. If you roll a good number, save that Jewel and post a reply with your results!

Alternative and Alt-Quality Gems
* Anomalous Infernal Legion, of course, for faster boom
* Anomalous Elemental Focus, increased AOE for skelesplosion
* Anomalous Clarity, boost to Mana Flasks
* Anomalous Minion Damage, % chance double damage, almost as good as lv5 Awakened
* Anomalous Lightning Golem, moar Cast Speed
* Lv5 Awakened Hextouch, get two Curses on that Hydrosphere

Duper Helmet
If +3 minion gems and two lv20 pseudo-supports isn't good enough for you, you can crank things up even more with a HH-level budget or crafting!

Dream helmet mods would look like

* +3 to minion gems (general prefix)
* lv20+ Concentrated Effect (Elder prefix)
* lv20+ Minion Damage (Elder prefix)
* Socketed Gems have 30% more Elemental Damage (Essence of Horror suffix)
* Minions have 31–35% increased maximum Life (Warlord suffix)
* Nearby Enemies have -12% to Fire Resistance, -12% to Fire Resistance (Warlord suffix)
* lv20+ Hypothermia (requires Skitterbots for chill, probably in an Essence Worm) - Shaper suffix

You could get crazy with Maven's Orbs and go for lv25 supports if you're really whack

TBH it's not necessary at all for any content

Burning Damage Support?
Don't break your bank for it, but if you can pick up a helmet with +3, two of the priority supports, and Burning Damage Support it's nice to have.

It will boost the Infernal Legion burn, the Burning Ground from Replica Siegebreaker, and burn from Ignites if you take out Ele Focus. Ele Focus is huge damage, so this ends up being only a small damage boost.

Another benefit is that you can move Combustion out of your Zombie/Spectre link up to the Skeles, freeing up a convenient gem slot. If you're 6-linking Zombies/Spectres, good options include:

Melee Splash (more taunts and weak enemies clear)
Empower if you have a +1 Amulet, a cheap lv3 Empower will let you summon 1 more Zombie and Spectre
Divergent Added Fire Damage a 20/20 will boost their melee damage by 170% - still not "real" damage or enough to make ele reflect a problem, but decent numbers
Anomalous Predator this alt quality applies up -4% ele resists to "the prey", a small damage boost that also makes your Zombies and Spectres focus it

Getting higher levels
Getting close to lv100 requires the ability to clear tons of high-end content without dying. Work on your toughness and flask management. You should have a variety of optional flasks in your stash for various situations.

When pushing for the next level, avoid rolling more than one dangerous mod at a time. You're tough but it takes a lot of time to get in the high 90s.

t16 Blighted Summit maps with +45% experience anoint are great XP when you get practiced at Blight. Note these ring anoints:
Scorch is like a second Exposure, this being the only time you can use it. Glacial cages are just good crowd control; Temporal and Stone Gaze towers are also strong.

You're safe enough to farm lv83 Heists for XP, they can get very dense. Breaches, Beachhead are great options as usual. Grind what you enjoy doing!

POB tip
To get POB Fork to fully calculate your Skelesplosion damage, you can simply copy+paste mods it doesn't see onto one of your items. I copied the missing mods onto my Elegant Hubris, for example, from my AG items and the modified tree passives. Here's how my Elegant Hubris reads now:
Elegant Hubris
Timeless Jewel
Unique ID: c11a4193cf5f92a59d56961d75dee4261309e4f30888653f3d8b03b3e520bdf1
Item Level: 86
Radius: Large
Implicits: 0
Commissioned 17260 coins to commemorate Caspiro
Passives in radius are Conquered by the Eternal Empire
Minions have 160% increased maximum Life
Minions deal 80% increased Damage
You can apply an additional Curse
Nearby Enemies have 50% increased Fire and Cold Resistances
To simulate the second curse from AG's gloves, I simply added a lv22 Elemental Weakness to my Hextouch link (the gloves apply lv10-12 at 40-48%, lowballed that's roughly the same as lv22).

You also have to manually apply -25% fire resist to account for the Tukohama's Vanguards.

Damage went up by over 200k with the corrections. Here's my POB fully configured as such: https://pastebin.com/CNz2zdgK

My recommended Final Form
Tukohama's Vanguard Spectres in 6L with Zombies, defensive AG with Kingmaker, Cospri's Will, Eye of Malice, and Victario's Flight. An Elegant Hubris with at least 3 good Notables. Watcher's Eye with both mods. Final Form gem links would look like:

Helm skeles
6L Spectr, Zombies, ffrenzy, cumbustin, multitot, minlif
4L Hydrosf, hext, Flamm, fcast
4L cwdt, Convoc ; Clarity ; Vitality
3L AG, Lgolem, meatsh
3L Flame dash, Desecrate, fcast
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I switched from Devon's build to yours. I'm a lot tankier now, so thanks for this build guide. It's a massive improvement for a small trade off.

My skellies are popping a bit slow though, is this because of minion leech, regen or the recover from Life from death? Right now enemies have too much time to target me.
Pearlo wrote:
I switched from Devon's build to yours. I'm a lot tankier now, so thanks for this build guide. It's a massive improvement for a small trade off.

My skellies are popping a bit slow though, is this because of minion leech, regen or the recover from Life from death? Right now enemies have too much time to target me.
It's your Infernal Legion gem! Quality on the regular version gives them Reduced Fire Damage taken. You want 0% quality on that until you switch to an Anomalous one.
It's your Infernal Legion gem! Quality on the regular version gives them Reduced Fire Damage taken. You want 0% quality on that until you switch to an Anomalous one.

Just dropped 5c on an anomalous legion gem and the difference is enormous.
Well Spotted!
Pearlo wrote:
It's your Infernal Legion gem! Quality on the regular version gives them Reduced Fire Damage taken. You want 0% quality on that until you switch to an Anomalous one.

Just dropped 5c on an anomalous legion gem and the difference is enormous.
Well Spotted!
I'm about to start leveling 6 at a time just to try and corrupt a 23% one!
This looks fun, Imma try this build :)
Your past bin link doesn't seem to be working.

Damonvile wrote:
Your past bin link doesn't seem to be working.

Aww I'm sorry, pastebin's fucked


Should be fixed now.
Had to create an account and paste manually... gross.
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Tried your approach and it works very well. Much better survivability. Thanks

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