[3.12] Lacerate Frenzy Raider

Hey guys. I am mostly trying to find out if my ambitions to create a frenzy stacking raider are out of reach. It seems you could stack Frenzy Charges in combination with the Onslaught effect, throw in a melee skill with a decent passive tree and have yourself an okay freaky fast melee character.

Help me out here. Is there any way to take what I've got so far and min/max it to end game content OR am I simply wasting my time?

NOTE: There are several gear items that are not the final items such as Rings, Helmet, Main Hand, etc. Feel free to pin back a rework of what I've done but PLEASE keep in mind I want to utilize the speed and evasion bonuses built into the raider ascendency.

Let me know your thoughts PLEASE!
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