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About a month ago we launched a news series in order to design a microtransaction with our community. In the first poll you chose a Skill Effect as the microtransaction type you'd like to design. The next step is to determine which type of Skill Effect, so if you're interested in participating in the process of community microtransaction design, please vote in this news post! The poll is available until Wednesday October 14th (PDT) next week.
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Grinding Gear Games
I think it's about time we got some pink themed MTX.
many old melee skills have a boring effect..

But please stop making CELESTIAL effects.
[Removed by Support]
Last edited by TauOrigin on Oct 6, 2020, 8:23:41 PM
Would love a fancy Sweep since the skill still has no MTX and with its updated visuals deserves some love on the cosmetic side of things.
I would love a new Incinerate MTX. :D
Mo MTX, mo problems.
Incinerate new effect! :)
Why didn't we chose shields; why?!
Dominating HALLOWEEN Blow?!
Why Golems have a separate category, since we already have summoner skills option? Weird.
And what 10 top Heist skills actually are? What I am even voting for? There's 0 guarantee my skills are among them.

But that aside, shield skills. I am a sucker for Herald skins, but I think we already have more that required, all of which are pretty. Plus, might actually try some shield build in some future.

There's one category which isn't in the list that I would vote for instantly. It's called "updating old Herald mtx to be usable with Herald of Purity/Agony".

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