[3.12] Hollow Palm Smite Raider 8-10M Sirius dps

Welcome to the Raider hollow palm smite guide !


- Added a note on shock, might be a little messy still i think i still have some rewritting to do on it.
- Changed the anoint: we switch stormdrinker for tribal fury giving us a free but weaker ancestral call but we gain a free fortify/melee phys and it's a huge upgrade damage and defensive wise. Note that the clear speed remains really good simply because raider is fast af
- can now reach over 12 million dps while gaining the fortify buff, you can facetank a lot of things now ( almost 15 million dps with awak melee phys but then you lose fortify and tbf at this point 3 Mil dps isn't that much)


My goal here was to play an hollow palm smite character, smite having a hight damage effectiveness and hollow palm giving just a ton of flat damage thanks to dexterity stacking, you know the drill nothing extraordinary here. There will be a section with my whole thought process on building and gearing the character later on, but for now let's just focus on how it is right now and I archieve that.

- all content viable
- off meta/ gearing feels great every upgrade is huge
- good single target Dps
- good defensives, we even manage to get positives chaos res
- good clearspeed thanks to the raider speed and a few other things, allowing us to mitigate the lack of leap slam and the average clearspeed of smite
- rewarding playstyle thanks to the interaction of smite and ancestral call
-no gem swap
- easy leveling
- Evasion base, tbh i hate it, but it's simply is the best way to go when playing raider, more on that later
- Can't do ele reflect
- can be expensive to max and it needs a little bit of currency invested to clear the whole game
-balancing resistances is a nightmare, it can be done, I dit it, but yeah, you'll spend some time planing out your gear and counting every resistances
- some might find the smite gameplay clunky, I personnaly love it, but i would understand

Quick note about smite it selfelf
Smite is a two part attack, one melee which procs the other one, the falling thunder. Both don't scale off the same things but for single target we wanna scale them both because even tho a target struck by the melee portion cannot be hit by the thunder, thanks to ancestrall we can !
Hits while using Ancestral Call Support or any other form of Strike Skills target an additional nearby Enemy allow for both the melee hit portion of the skill to hit as well as the area damage to hit, area damage dealing 30-20% less damage effectively dealing 170%-180% damage if positioned correctly.
poe wiki
It says everithing, correct positioning allows us to make ancestral call our best single target gem while being our best clear gem.

POB: but read the rest of the guide otherwise it might not make too much sense
skill tree : https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIBAABeBS0FtQguDY0PqxLxFHUWvxcmGY4ZtBqNG8gj0yP2JpUr5y1NL3IwcTB8Nj031DpCPs8_VUCgQdBDMUa3R35KfUt4TP9Nkk4qUUdTu1WFVvpaGlsmW69dj2BBYeJh62KsY3BlTWegapNrkGyMbWx07XfXelN6hHrvfXV_sn_7hNmHdo19jb-PYJpqmyabjZzEnaqjiqXLqli3Ir02vea-p7_VwzPPes_d0K3Tb9N-1CPawd2o3rPgaeOf5ebmKed06NbtP-2D7g7vevGK98_5sf1y_rr_zQ==?accountName=ImDjuGe&characterName=HandSmite
Just note that i don't know if the smite damage in pob is the melee attack or the thunder attack, since conc effect is shown as our best dps gem in it but it doesn't increase the tooltip in game I would guess it's the aoe attack, but i'm not sure, poe doesn't make a difference between the parts of smite even tho they don't scale of the same thing, so yeah. Overall I calculate as if it is the main hit damage, cause it's the lower damage scenario, just to be safe.

So since we play with ancestral call, if your smite is lvl 20, just multiply your pob damage by 1.8 and you have you real dps when correctly positionned.

Why raider:

Good starting zone for dexterity stacking, one of the best ascendency for raw damage without crit, and we can't crit with hollow palm. Plus it gives a lot of evasion, all in all the best choice in my opinion


I can't link my tree jewels, I don't know why, maybe someone will tell me but here they are
- One with nothing obviously
- 3 grand spectrum increased elemental damage: a lot of damage, cheap corrupted blood and lightning pen
- 1 large cluster jewel with corrosive elements and prismatic heart
- 1 large cluster jewel with stormdrinker and prismatic heart
- 1 small cluster jewel with blessed
- watcher's eye with phys as extra lightning and chaos res while affected by purity of elementt
- Brutal restraint, check pob to see where i socketed it
note on Brutal restraint
Mine gives me 20% dex and 10% auras effect
Since we are really skill point starved, you really wanna hit the %dex on the nodes that we would take anyway, exeption being the endurance nodes. I was hesitant to take them to begin with, it has everything we want for a better and safer mapping, the increased aoe comes in handy when mapping, and the endurance chages allows you to play full zoom zoom raider without getting one shotted by porcupines or some random phys shenanigans that you don't evade/dodge. Plus it helps when there is ele weakness. But 4 point is quite a lot and could give us like 300 ehp instead, so it's up to you but since I landed 5% dex on it I took it. All in all I spent around 60 Divine to hit my curent one


Body: smite-multistrike-Fortify-elemantal damage with attacks-phys to lightning-lightning pen
Since we anoint Tribal fury for the ancestral call effect, we can play with fortify for extra damage and survivability, you can also put awak melee phys for giga damage but i don't feel like we need it.
Helm :vaal warchief - protector -wrath - purity of element
Boots: cwdt-immortal call dash-second wind


- We have Fortify
-So we are evasion but to counter a little bit all the potential one shot we take wind dancer which synergise very well with cwdt immortal call. We take a hit wind dancer reduces it, we gain a ton of eva, but even if we get hit right after, immortal call proced and cover us. I stoped dying when I started playing with this combo, it gives you enought time to get out of any trouble and gives you time to top your life through life steal or potion.
-I tried an iron reflexe version with a jade flask and molten shell, it didn't cut it for me, i died basically all the time but it might the player's fault here, just keep in mind that you won't be taking full advantage of avatar of the chase ascendency if you go this road, and i think it's better to play this variant with perfect form but we would lose around 15% dps compared to my current chest. Once again this is up to you, feel free to try! I don't have the currency to buy a 6l perfect form currently so i'm just talking about numbers without trying it for real

Way of the poatcher- avatar of slaughter- Rapid assault- Avatar of the chase

Note about shock
Shock can apply up to 50% damage taken increased to the target if we reach the maximum effect. I recommend to quickly go to the wiki page if you don't know at all about it https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Shock
We currently have 30% chance to shock Sirius/shaper ect, 20% comes from shock and 10 from conductivity.
Shock is our last and huge damage multiplier so trying to maximise it is important!
I Save you the math, but to shock Sirius we need a minimal hit of 80k damage to apply the 5% shock. For the 10% effect we would need to hit around 400k.Curently with all my flasks and buffs up I have a 800k average hit, but without them I am still at 400k so I can consistently shock sirius whatever the situation.
Thing is we have only 30% chance to shock him, shock last for 2sec and we need to apply 5 shocks on him to reach the 50% cap. Good thing is we play raider, so I am 8 a/s and each attack hits twice thanks the the ancestral call effect, giving us 16 hit/s that can shock. So on average we have 5 hits/sec that shocks so we reach the 50% easily because we can shock him for 10% effect each shock and this is important.
So if you don't need the 10% ele res from a prismatic heart, you can switch with overshocked to bring the max shock value up to 60% it would be a huge dps increased as well

Things that I need to add:
-Crafting guide for belt/chest
- note for the enchantements
- things that I haven't though of yet

Thanks for reading it, it was my first written build, i'm sure i've forgotten a lot of things, my english might be off sometimes, and you could have some recommendation to help and upgrade the build. I posted it because I'm quite proud of it and because I also wanna see if you could have sooome suggestions for improvement ! Feel free to mp me in game :)
(As soon as I understand how to post pictures and videos I will do it, I'll try to be as present as possible to answer all of your questions)

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So, how about best anoint? I noticed you changed your anointment, have you found a better one for smite?
Revosy wrote:
So, how about best anoint? I noticed you changed your anointment, have you found a better one for smite?

True I saw the dual strike build of mathil, and he chose to picked up tribal fury on his tree to save a gem slot.
It is too far for us to go and pick it, but we can anoint it! I tried it and playing with fortify feels really good, so yeah, change of anointment here!
I'm leveling your build LVL 85 with all lab done at the moment.

Even if my DPS is pretty far from yours (some pretty expensive gear there sir) I do not have any problem in red maps.

I'm trying to off-color my wildwrap last remaining green socket, so I can use lightning penetration, right now I use faster attacks as a 6th link.

I have something like 1.5M DPS in pob but I've killed LVL 81 Catarina, LVL 80 Synthete (whichever drops the red ring), t14-16 red map bosses and conquerors without issue.

Being superfast is fun! Thanks for the build, can recommend.

My gear at level 85 for the curious:

Having a lot of fun with this build so far, killing conquerors easily and clearing t16 without effort, i changed purity of elements for herald of purity, i managed to have 77% on all resis and i don't care too much about chaos res, i'm using a explode chest because why not it's pretty fun make sh*t explode, any suggestions?

My gear at the moment:

can't Import to pob, you pob link not working
My current gear:

I'm demolishing all the game content.The headhunter is for clear, I switch to the dexterity belt for bosses.

Super fun build!
Im having trouble with clearing. Any tips?
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Im having trouble with clearing. Any tips?

Tribal Fury anoint on the amulet is a must. Post your gear if you want more feedback.

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