[3.12] Vigilant Strike Help with ideas

Hi guys, when I see the Replica Trypanon Great Mallet that says you have 100% chance to crit, but you have -5000 accuracy. I really like this weapon and I have a 6L one. To mitigate the loss of accuracy I want to use Vigilant Strike.
The problems that I see is that weapon has low base damage and I have problems scaling the damage.
My intent is to play with Marauder, maybe Jugg (for the Endurance charges and defense) but I really don't have much idea how to scale the damage.
Any advice? Thank you guys...

my build idea: https://pastebin.com/btSizpu2
Last bumped on Feb 22, 2021, 12:18:18 PM
Hi. I know it's kinda old thread, but i managed to create an infinite endurance charge loop for vigilant strike. just equip replica ambu's charge and scold's bridle. that should do the trick. you can then go for a 100% chance Cast on critical setup, getting advantage of scold's bridle 100% increased spell damage. you can then go for any class.
I don't think it is viable tho, vigilant strike attack speed is low for CoC, and base damage from trypanon is low too for an attack based build.
no third challenge reward since beta lmao
Look at Quin69s vigilant strike build. It scaled damage with replica alberon warpath strength stacking.

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