[3.12] Sunder - Fast Wave Speed + Big damage + Big AoE + Big Character Model

With 3.11, Sunder received a re-work which drastically altered its original fast playstyle.

In 3.12, Alternative Quality Sunder changed that.

I present to you, the 2-hand melee sunder (manual-attack glacial cascade).

Level 20 Anomalous Sunder = 35% reduced delay (Wave speed).
Enhance level 4 (level 6 in Atziri Disfavor) = 20% additional reduced delay (more Wave speed).
Helmet enchantment = 20% reduced delay (even more Wave speed).

TOTAL = 55% + 20% = 75% reduced delay.

The Gull + Blunderbore for 50% increased damage, 50% increased life and 50% increased AoE, STUN.

Also the Gull occasionally provides shrines with more attack speed/movement speed and resistance (max resistance ~80).

Big AoE.
Big Life.
Big resistances.
2-screen AWAY 1-shot SLAMS.

Requires Enhance as a support - switch with Close Combat/Ruthless support gem (need a white socket) for Bossing.
You still can't spam click and invest TOO much in attack speed (8+).
3-4 attacks per second is OK, you won't interrupt any waves when you have a level 4 (6) enhance in Disfavor. Higher than that will result in interrupted waves. However, missing the last wave of Sunder is STILL offscreen.

Path of Building
Get 100% increased mana regen (at least) on your gear or with passives.
This will give you an absurd Berserk uptime and Rage regen.


Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel (Akoya)
Replica Conqueror's efficiency (-mana QoL and Rage)

Rare 2-hander (more damage the better, can also craft +2 socketed support gems for wave speed on enhance if you feel like wave moves too slow).

Rare helmet with "nearby enemies take # increased physical damage" in combination with other unique/rare armor of your choice.

Crit option also available, just less life.

Essentially any non-shrine version has better potential than this build in terms of raw DPS. Significantly less on the fun scale though.
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It looks interesting. Can you shoot a video of the gameplay? And is it realistic to kill Sirius 8?)
I can't kill A8 deathless with the current setup, which is honestly a lazy version since I didn't bother to get mana regen on rings and just got them on the passive tree (wasting points).

I also didn't get immune to corrupted to blood on jewel or chaos resistance.

I've done A7 right now, which is the most watchstones I currently have.

In terms of video, I play on laptop and shooting videos while gaming is pretty brutal. I'll try and see if I can get one up but for at least gameplay to showcase the Sunder wave speed. If you are very interested, you are also welcome to PM me in game and I can run a map with you :).
Clear. Can you make a non-lazy version of the build?)
Hey men nice build!

Where do you put your lethal pride jewel tho?
Does'nt show in your POB

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