3.12 blazing salvo jugg now up to 10mill dps


Chieften: https://pastebin.com/J6Yzcg5s

please use fork edition of path of building to view the POBS thank you

wanting suggestions was planning to go cheiften but it doesnt seem worth it did add a chieften version if u guys want that still

-Cant do no regen maps

-Is not zoom zoom robber

-Lots of button pressing for dmg

-Must ask mob if its alright having ur balls on it ur hot ones Via cursing it XD

-Will take a slap to the face walking through hiest and live

-Likes to regen alot

-Lets u get hit to make more dmg

-Cant be stunned

-Decent boss killer

-Has huge dmg potential if u know what ur doing

-Makes small things go boom HEHE

-Has a 1.2Metre stick to wave around

-has decent block chance and if doing divine flesh u wont die XD

-Has capped chaos res

most dmg comes from procing everything so its consistant dps is probs 1mill+ dps vs shaper

when i have gotten to content i will make videos of course

first update changed to staffs for block and dmg ditched EQ dunno what to replace orb of storms with

secound update made a few changes better dmg and replaced orb of storms with fire storm

Third update added divine flesh and chieften versions of the build

also improve dmg and playabillity as it felt too stuck in place before have fun

Third update: fixed mana issue with good flask and abit more life only for jug if u look at jug u can do the same for the others too
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Last bumped on Oct 1, 2020, 8:40:14 PM
You should not use Elemental Equilibrium in this build. Even if your Orb of Stroms would only deal lightning damage (it doesn't btw, you have added fire dmg somewhere). The first Projectile from Blazing Salvo applies EE and all Projectiles that follow deal way less damage.
ah right well got any suggestions what i could replace it with?

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