[3.12][WIP] 2H Splitting Steel Scion

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!,

I hereby present my Take on the Splitting steel Skill. As the obvious choice Champion wit Master of Metal gives 2 more impale Stacks, he still lacks a lot of QoL. As i wanted something you can zoom a little I thought about doing a Raider/Berserker Scion to do with instead.

Basic Idea:
Splitting steel is a skill with a high clear speed build into itself. With this build we stack impales on a group of enemies and detonate them to clear the pack. For Bosses we support this with either ancestral Protector totems or use lancing steel.

Mandatory items:

As with all steel Skills you will need the Jewel Lord of steel, preferable the one with impale effect.


Seriously, they could have build in the use speed... without it, the Shard mechanic feels clunky as hell.

Nice to have

Starforge is a Nobrainer, we don't need frenzy charge Gen through Terminus Est, so we can either use this one or maybe Disfavour until you craft your endgame weapon.

Daressos armour doubles our onslaught buff(which should be up permanently) and gives us endurance charge gen. This is bolstered through playing a dodge build with winddancer.

Impresence: helps in the beginning, and i still haven't found a good replacement. But selfcasting curses now feels actually good, so it's just here for laziness.

Very fast, both with movement speed as well as attack speed.
Immune to elemental ailments and stuns. (which opens up flask enchants or dying sun!) through elegant form, thick skin cluster and armour enchants.
Good survivability through high dodge(60/40 with flask, cap with vaal grace) and winddancer. Reasonably easy to gain fortify through leapslaming
shard recall clears the screen.
currently only a small cluster jewel, maybe that will change.

can't do physical reflect. Aztiri takes careful positioning with lancing steel. Don't use splitting steel if you don't want to die :)
It's a dodge build.
Boss dps is wonky. (Sometimes you one shot the evil guy with lancing, sometimes you need a long time)


edit: Updated PoB Link.
More to come!

or not:

The build can possibly work with going to max evasion additional to dodge and a lot of well crafted gear will help your dps. But still, lancing steel is extremly klunky to play with.
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
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