[3.12] HunterKee's Discharge Ignite || Hardcore Viable Boss Killer || 7.5K+ Life || GB block

7.5K + Life
Divine Flesh
1.4M Ignite DPS
Up to 3K regen
3 Charges of Enduring Cry
Over half a minute Fortify from Vigilant Strike (With Jewel)

T16 Video:



Alt Gem:
The most important alt gem are the Anomalous Second Wind (Let Enduring Cry has 3 Charges) and Anomalous Enduring Cry(Superfast Self-cast warcry).

For Big Bossing you can swap Ignite Prolif for Unbound Ailments for 1 more sec of Ignite.
New EE base Sceptre:
This will give us Elemental Equilibrium, which will save 5 points for us. You can craft with fossil, essence or Alt and make sure no fire dmg to spell.

All rare gear try to get chaos resis to fit Divine Flesh Chaos resis cap. Also we want to make sure our resis cap even without enduring charges.

You want a elder base helmet and use Essence of Horror

Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Major: Solaris/Lunaris Minor:Gruthkul
Anoint: +1 Endurance Charges

Furthur gear improvement, you could use +1 Endurance Charge boots either warlord or Death's Door

If you want to use +max resis or life on block shield instead of the Unique Shield, you must allocate Deep Breaths Node on tree for reduce enduring cry cool down.

Mana Issue:
We normally only have mana issue while mapping, before the flask, try to get Mana regen when get hit Enchant on Boots.

Ailment Immune:
If you want to get Ailment Immune, you will need to use the small dodge cluster jewel and Shaper boots. Unless you dont want to use Kaoms Heart.

Differnet Set-up:
If you want to focus on more about Mapping, you could use Essence of Horror to Craft a Righteous Fire Helmet, and use a Six-link Chest. This will bring our Life down to around 6.5K

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mochmaster wrote:

You could use general melee leveling until you reach Act3 and done your first lab, you could almost reach 100% ignite. Then you could use discharge after that.

I wont recommand league start cuz it require some of the unique and gear.
how does it handle maps with ele reflect, no regen or monsters avoid ailments?
Stanner3108 wrote:
how does it handle maps with ele reflect, no regen or monsters avoid ailments?

Sextant can handle ele reflect, no regen kinda risky. Avoid ailments we could do but just slower on bossing, ignite prolif ignore Avoidance
Should I be spamming discharge when bossing? would that mess up EE?
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AsceticPOE wrote:
Should I be spamming discharge when bossing? would that mess up EE?

You dont need to, you only need to press it every 4 sec or 5 if you using unbound for ignite. So playstyle are super chill.

As long as storm brand attach to the target, it will keep resettting EE.

And yes, you could spam discharge for extra dmg.
How does the half minute fortify from vigilant strike work?
They didn't post their jewels, but it's from the unique jewel The Vigil. It's very good.

This is a cool take on this build. There's one other thread with a different version (Eye of Innocence and Replica Ambu's Charge, Realm Ender into Searing Touch) that is higher damage but looks to be less tanky. I am doing ok in T11-12 maps with my version, but am considering switching to Redblade Banner version because of the number of close calls. Oddly, conquerors feel very safe, but mapping particularly Al Hezmin and Baran maps are pretty scary.

edit - btw league start seems like it would be ok if you leveled slams until white maps and respecced, or if you're slow on start (say maps by day 4 or later), you'd be able to afford some of the cheap uniques like a realm shaper staff and the prophecy, or even a searing touch if the prices are cheap. It's never gonna be super meta league start, but if you're not a true racer I think it'd be ok.
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