[3.12] Crit Firestorm Inquisitor

This is a work in progress! Suggestions and questions are much appreciated!

Must have uniques: Martyr of Innocence.

Current POB:




Basic stats:
~1 Million DPS
5.6k life
40% Physical Damage Taken as Elemental
Reflect Immune

Inquisitor - Pious Path - Inevitable Judgement

Current Gear



MAIN: Anomalous Firestorm (210% MORE Damage!) - Controlled Destruction - Arcane Surge - Conc Effect - Elemental Focus - Spell Echo

Other options could be Unleash in place of Controlled Destruction. You can even do Unleash + Spell Cascade as it's good for clearing maps and is pretty fun to play, but it doesn't do well against single target. You'll definitely want to gem swap Spell Cascade, but Unleash isn't too bad for bosses honestly.

If you aren't one shotting your target, then Unleash starts to feel lackluster because you'll be back down to one meteor per cast while spamming it. Once you reach higher maps I would probably recommend Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction in place of Unleash and Spell Cascade.

Arcanist Brand - Combustion - Wave of Conviction
Wave of Conviction will apply a -25% fire resistance debuff. If it ignites (which will happen often since we crit), it applies another -19% fire resistance, for a total of -44%.

Infernal Cry + Second Wind
Infernal Cry is really nice for us for legions and general map clear. It applies Covered in Ash to help our damage. It also helps clear big packs in heists through doorways. Warcry right when the door opens, then throw in a firestorm and the entire pack explodes.

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify
We need all the defense we can get, so get fortify.

CWDT - Steelskin for some extra defense.

Decoy totem.
It gets healed by your consecrated ground and is in general a great distraction allowing you to freely cast your firestorm. Firestorm also has a delay after casting, so fast bosses can move out of the way. Decoy helps keep them anchored.


Herald of Ash for more damage.

Anomalous Arctic Armour - Less damage taken from hits while stationary. Link with Enhance and elemental proliferation to freeze groups of enemies who hit you.

Vaal Righteous Fire - Nice to have DPS boost

Precision (for crit), Clarity (for mana regen)


I would probably go with Soul of Lunaris for the projectile avoidance, chain avoidance, and little bit of dodge.

And then either Soul of Gruthkul for physical mitigation or Soul of Shakari for chaos mitigation. Probably lean a little more toward Gruthkul though.



Level 1 I started using freezing pulse. It's a great ability early game, even if you dont spec for it. You can use firewall to give it extra damage. Frost bomb is good too (especially useful for Oak who now regenerates health). I would just play with whatever spell you like until you can get firestorm and armageddon brand.

If you have a few chaos I would recommend picking up a couple lifesprig wands which will carry you to end game.

Defenses are also very important since you are a self cast character. Firestorm has a slight delay so you will be getting hit often. Use your decoy totem, consider picking up a shield, and try to look for armour/energy shield bases.
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Hi! Was looking for something like this! How should I handle the bandits in this build?
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Hitorikiri wrote:
Hi! Was looking for something like this! How should I handle the bandits in this build?

I went with Alira for the crit and mana regen, and the resists are nice.
It's a firestorm build but your links are Blazing Salvo? Didn't you switch?
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
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Edzilla wrote:
It's a firestorm build but your links are Blazing Salvo? Didn't you switch?

Ah nah, my bad, i was just testing salvo for a sec, and i guess it pulled that in when i last updated. fixed.
very cool build till now. spell echo seems very dangerous to me. i prefer throwing only one firestorm and start kiting instead of 2 and staying there. faster casting gem instead of spell echo? damage stays the same because of cast speed.
I will try this build out, thanks!
Any pointers on how to level up following your tree? its a bit rough to know all the way from level1 ;)
The post lists Conc Effect, the PoB does too, but your "Current Gear" doesn't have it. Should we be making use of it, or not?
Hey could you split your talent tree progress based on Leveling or Acts for a newbie?
Would Glancing Blows not be worth grabbing? I mean, it feels like the chance to block anything is too low to ever reliably count on it.

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